Thursday, 11 September 2008

'Fleetwood pier destroyed by unexplained fire...'

'Another of England's historic piers was destroyed by fire today in an unexplained blaze in the Lancashire resort of Fleetwood.

Fleetwood pier, which was built in 1910, was left completely gutted by the fire, officials said.

Smoke and flames were first spotted at 4.30am, and the fire service was contacted.

At the height of the blaze 10 fire engines and 90 firefighters were deployed. They eventually contained the fire but too late to prevent the pier being reduced to a smouldering ruin. No one is reported missing or hurt.

A spokesman for Lancashire fire and rescue said the fire began near a derelict pub and cafe, but it was too early to say if it had been started maliciously. Lancashire police said the fire was unexplained and an investigation would be launched.'


FilmNoir23 said...

hmmm...interesting. Also saw there was a fire in the Chunnel 9/11

wise woman said...

I see that "Fleetwood is also a seaside resort, serving as a quiet contrast to nearby Blackpool" - wonder if all attention in future is to be focused on Blackpool - I remember seeing Matthew Delooze write about it recently