Wednesday, 24 September 2008

'The Internet and the Death of Communication...'

'In the United States (and throughout much of the Western world, and beyond), education, literacy, and social decorum seem to be heading in the wrong direction. Tragically, the electronic age only seems to have worsened our social malaise. The irony is, we 'communicate' with one another more easily today than ever before. But for reasons stated above, these 'communications' tend to lack real human connectedness... One fairly recent news story illustrating this point reads: ' authoritative study in the American Sociological Review found that the average American had only two close friends in whom they would confide on important matters, down from an average of three in 1985. The number of people who said they had no such confidant soared from 10 percent in 1985 to nearly 25 percent in 2004; an additional 19 percent said they had only one confidant - often their spouse."'

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FilmNoir23 said...

Just as we have been discussing of late...good stuff.

Alfredo Narváez said...

Wrong, very wrong, the net is making us smarter, not dumber! Please read Steven Johnson´s books Everything bad is good for you:

Time ago the establishment also hated the movies (just see Cinema Paradiso), then the TV (see Good look and good night), after that Elvis... The far left and the far right nowhate the net because they can´t control it. The net is unlocking many old paradigms and creating new ones, from Wikipedia to blogs to to Google to Firefox. The Establishment must be afraid, but not you. So just try to enjoy a but more life with all its messy stuff, and if dont have friends, please, dont blame the net, dont blame your TV, radio, or any machine: just get a life.

Ben Fairhall said...

The article is not my work, Alfredo; neither do I necessarily agree with all its findings. However, if you follow the link you will see that the author does also make many of your points; as well as the negative conclusions I borrowed for the sake of this introduction.


Alfredo Narváez said...

Hehe, wasn´t directed my comment to you Ben!;-)

I mean, thanks the net we can enjoy ur amazing work and have this conversation, and yes, there is a dar side too that we can explore. The more interesting part of the internet for me at least is its symbolic one. Nicolas Bonnal wrote an amazing book on the subjet, but it´s in french. He talks about the many mystic symbols of the internet, the major part of them from the Kabalistic tradition. It´s maybe not a coincidence that many of the resaerchers that inventd the internet were jew... I want to to suggest just two more books Ben: from Erick Davis, Techgnosis and another from David Noble, The Religion of Technology. I will not regret to read them. Greetings from a rainy Mexico City...

Ben Fairhall said...

Well, that's OK then..! ;)

I would be interested to know more about the Bonnel book; particularly in regard to the kabbalistic symbols proliferating on (or inside?) the Internet. I will follow up the other two references: thanks for those.


P.S I should be visiting Cambridge to meet the Chronophage shortly; so I will take some pictures for the blog.

Newspaceman said...

"Time ago the establishment also hated the movies (just see Cinema Paradiso), then the TV"

You sure about that Alfredo, I don't quite see it that way. Have you looked into the BBC for example.