Sunday, 7 September 2008

More on La Princesse...

'A giant mechanical spider has begun to move around Liverpool, as part of the city's Capital of Culture celebrations.'

A YouTube video of the same event, filmed on Liverpool's Water Street:

Listen to the scream of the traumatised child at 01.40. Complimenting the story posted here a couple of days ago- re: the 'glue guns' which a Home Office report has recommended for the police- La Princesse does indeed spray some kind of fluid, as the video clearly reveals. (Thanks, Melissa.)

More on at BTB shortly.

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anadæ said...

What was that Techno Rave act who'd incorporated secret footage of a new military design in a music video? It was clearlt based on bug physiology. The military-industrial complex increasingly bases their offensive (or DEfensive, depending on who started what) gadgetry on the biology of the insect kingdom.

So far, we've got Crazy Glue™, first used for in-field surgery, Teflon™ first used for bulletproof vest piercing bullets NOW lining our breakfast cookware, Velcro™ for quick suiting up during combat now a feature of infants' & oldsters' attire, microwave technology, and even the internet as technological advances introduced first in the international theatre ... so, why not have the newest forms of combat tech initially unveiled to an unsuspecting public as entertainment? Woe is me.