Thursday, 4 September 2008

'The return of the Elder Gods?'

'It was not a good day to be an arachnophobe in Liverpool. As part of the city's Capital of Culture celebrations, this scary 50ft mechanical spider was suspended from a building near Lime Street station.

Even worse, La Princess, as the creature is known, is to move around the city at speeds of up to 2mph before it escapes down the Mersey Tunnel on Sunday.

The steel and wood spider has sophisticated hydraulics which allow the dozen engineers strapped to its frame to operate its eyes, legs and abdomen.'

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wise woman said...

Hi Ben
I'm having a wtf moment.
Any creative ideas on why they've picked Liverpool - as you've been researching it?

The Will Smith movie Wild, Wild West had a giant spider (operated by Kenneth Branagh).


Ben Fairhall said...

Hi Alex, yes, I have a few ideas... I'll drop you an e-mail shortly.

Thanks for the message,

anadæ said...

Akashally (or "actually" in humanese), Professor Fairhall, the Elder Gods, as rendered in the "weird fiction" of the New Englang Gent hymnsylph weren't arachnids nor were they insectoid, neither. Please reread "At The Mountains Of Madness" for a basic overview of that great race of spacefarers.

What I'm curious to Gno is WHAT in tarnation is the spray mist/gaseous element that our delightful mechanical construct is spewing out upon its welcoming albeit unaware public?

Don't forget, in the Indian lore of North America, twas Grandmother Spider who herself wove all of consensus (corporeal) reality into being. Just another morsel to add to the buffet.

Very, very cool, Ben!

Ben Fairhall said...

Hello Anadae, yes, I take your point. However, there is an argument- derived from a complimentary mythos to that spun by Howard Phillips Lovecraft- that arachnids of precisely this kind may herald the Elder Gods, or are in league with them... as, hopefully, I will be explaining shortly. You're quite right: I need to brush up on my Lovecraft.

The Grandmother Spider insight is very valuable: reminds me of that animated movie, Spirited Away, which I somehow suspect you have seen?


anadæ said...

Yup, Ben, bull's eye, I HAVE seen "Spirited Away", what with its apothecary an arachnid-man hybrid. Also worth a viewing are "My Neighbour Totoro" & the magical war epic, "Howl's Moving Castle", all three of which are monumental achievements of the Japanese animé mastermind, Hayao Miyazaki. They each come highly recommended by me. Interestingly enough, the last named title's lead protagonist, the shape-shifting, dimension-hopping sorcerer, Howl, has his voiceover contributed by none other than the Welshman actor, Christian Bale.

I hear you loud & clear, Ben ... the arachnids as heralds before the reappearance of certain 'deities', not the aforesaid High Ones Themselves. Within HP Lovecraft's yarns, the manifestation of the Elder Gods are heralded by the frenzied pipings of flocks of avians, specifically whippoorwills. Suddenly, I hear the strains of "Canary In A Coal Mine" by The Police wafting through my music memory bank.

See my Fab Four comment elsewhere. Great research as per usual, bro. Stay strong.

Anadæ in Virginia

Ben Fairhall said...

Could you elaborate further on exactly which deities are heralded by arachnids? Not wishing to put you on the spot, but I'm very interested in this question.

Oh, and will you be dropping into the Monroe Institute for a little energetic fine-tuning whilst in Virginia? What takes you there, may I ask?


anadæ said...

I'm very interested in this question, too, Ben ... however, my application of an ellipsis may've mislead you; didn't you just say that there's a complimentary mythos to HPL's in which our eight-leggedy beasties are a precursor to greater arrivals?

Built during the Victorian era, it boasts an exact likeness of the original Athena by Phidias. I can't wait to see Her for my(s)elf. She is not only a virgin goddess & one Whose specialty is as a military tactician & Whose domain itself is wisdom, but She's also an Ace with the loom, the needle & thread, and hence, the art of weaving & the tapestry, Her link to the myth of Arachne's fate a telling allegory of justice meted out.