Wednesday, 17 September 2008

'Why Norfolk should root for Palin...'

'Parading herself as a 'gun-totin', moose-huntin', hockey mom', Sarah Palin's blue-collar creentials could be her ticket to the American vice-presidency.

But she may owe her popular frontiers-woman nature more to an adventurous Norfolk ancestor than her upbringing in the wilderness of Alaska.

For I learn that her great, great, great, great, great-grandfather was Robert Gower, who emigrated to the U.S in the 18th century. According to family documents, he became 'an ideal pioneer'- echoing his descendant's love affair with guns and the great outdoors.

... Robert Gower was born near Holt in 1723 and, according to a seven-page document written in the 1930s by one of his descendants, George Winfield Gower, and now held by Maine State Library, he was probably an English soldier.

He settled in Boston, where he worked in the 'boot and leather business' and married his first wife, Margaret Alexander, in 1759. Records describe him as 'an ideal pioneer... trying to foil every device of the Indians and scouring the forests in all directions.' He died in 1806.

Mrs Palin- dubbed the 'pitbull in lipstick'- shares British roots with McCain and Democrat contender Barack Obama, who genealogists claim are both descended from the same Scottish king.'

[Richard Kay, Daily Mail, September 16, 2008.]


jimbo said...

Presidential candidates descended from a king? No way! ;)

Ellis Taylor said...

And if his name was Gower then it is possible there is a connection to Al Gore and also to the Leveson Gower (pronounced Looson-Gore)- the odious Sutherlands and the Cavendish's. Another member of the nest.