Monday, 13 October 2008

Another victim of the 'MM' sigil...

'A British girl aged five was fighting for her life in hospital last night after plunging 30 feet from a hotel balcony in Majorca.

Millianne Marklew was on the first day of a family holiday when she is believed to have fallen from the third floor as she played.

She suffered multiple injuries and was taken to intensive care in the island's main hospital where her parents Mairead, 38, a manicurist, and 40-year-old Adam, a supermarket worker, are keeping vigil.'



JackFairhall said...

What's the relevance of "MM"? Where can I read more about this?

Ben Fairhall said...

The significance of MM, mate, is a bit like the Matrix: it's all around you...! Er, in brief, the MM enigma is a recurrent feature of many strange phenomena, first noted by this author in 2007. It is featured in several posts, but the most important ones are:

Here and Here and Here, footnote #9.

The funny thing is, once you become aware of it, you start seeing it everywhere. I have since modified my initial belief that the 'sigil' is essentially Satanic- it isn't- but it does crop up in some very strange places. A parallel concept is the 23 Enigma, written about by Robert Anton Wilson (and possibly William Burroughs as well.)


Glasgow Greensmoke said...

Yes, it is everywhere. I spotted an interesting one the other day. During the excavation of the Temple of Mithras in London which, was situated near the important but largely forgotten London Stone on the East bank of what was the river Walbrook , and pretty much at the current location of the Bank of England, the Royal Exchange and Mansion House, a small lead token was found with the name Martia Martina inscribed on it backwards.

Ben Fairhall said...

Wow, that is most interesting GG, thank you. The London Stone is firmly ensconced in my memory, thanks in part to Adrian Gilbert's excellent book, The New Jersualem, as well as my longstanding interest in Watling Street. (The stone, as I recall, is directly on the road, in the heart of the City, as you say, and not far from Ermine Street either.)

The latter, interestingly, happens to coincide with the location of the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, a fact which I can not attribute to coincidence.

This blog will be up and running again shortly, as will its sister. Thank you for your patience, GG and all readers.