Friday, 17 October 2008

Dogged Days

Oxford-based man of the stars Ellis Taylor has just announced the title of his latest book: Dogged Days, a memoir of just some of the highly unusual events which seem to dog his footsteps. I'm moved to remark upon this, not only because I know Ellis and have followed his unique research for years, but because this title- whilst not initially striking- resonates with me in a way which is deep and profound.

Throughout much of the summer just passed I had a redolent phrase germinating in my head, which seemed to sum up all of my malaise and dreams. Dog Dakota Days: evoking images of the last days of Lennon, gothic New York, Sirius Rising and the Black Dog. Then this morning I awoke in my brother's Brighton apartment and find a colour supplement open at the games section. A series of photographs spelling out a phrase, all of which are connected in some cryptic way. The first one I look at begins with a photo of Snoop Doggy DOG, juxtaposed against the only mildly less threatening visage of Darren DAY. The complete phrase was actually: Dog Day Afternoon, a gangster flick apparently.

A wonderful title; if it hadn't been done already, I might well use it myself. (Dog Day Afternoon.) Dog Day Evening, the Twilight of the Banshees, perhaps?

These are indeed dogged days, for each one of us. The relentless hold exercised over our spirits by the rulers of this world order, though weakening, is still strong. Still we are hemmed and penned, obliged to exchange our true nature in order to doggedly strive in a world largely defined by greed and might. Such an existence, dominated by those of a canine- or Canaanite- disposition is indeed little more than a daze: a waking trance, an assault on the senses. But know too that it is but days before all this will finally be transmuted: when the fag-butt of the dying Kali Yuga is transformed by the light of the Dogstar Herself: Queen Sirius, Isis. Maria.

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James Ratte said...

IMDb says, D.D.A. won an Oscar and another ten wins, so that makes 11 and it was nominated 17 times

That movie is classic man, it's Pacino and came out right after Godfather II. You should watch it, it's a bank robbery, I$I$

Ben Fairhall said...

Thanks James, I'm sure it is good, yes. Quite surprised I'd never heard of it.

Didn't you say quite a long time back that you worked at Browns (?) and studied at Columbia?


Alfredo Narváez said...

Kali seems alive and well these days:

Maybe Kali will not weaken so much, afterall she is just the hidden other face of the Moon, the other is Isis/Maria of course...

Tom M. said...

Hey, they don't necessarily dominate us. It's a learning process to get free from it, and finding the place in our lives where we can live free from it in a separate existence, not necessarily through physical separation but through metaphysical rejection of it. I've felt they way you feel, and still do often enough, but I see a way of getting stronger against it, so that it takes away from who we are, who I am, less.