Thursday, 2 October 2008

More on yesterday's UFO sighting

From two e-mails I sent yesterday to Henrik Palmgren, of Red Ice Creations:

'Hi Henrik, just thought you might be interested to know I had a semi-Close Encounter this morning with a craft of unknown origin. It was big, of a very unusual shape; clearly signalled its desire to be seen; acknowledged my attention; and disappeared (or moved at great speed) shortly afterwards. It was silent, eerie... and had the feeling of an organic materialisation, rather than a plain machine.

It was extremely weird. What makes it even more so is the fact that I had spent the last five or so hours immersed in a book by Whitley Strieber: unquestionably the most famous 'abductee' on earth. (Or not.)

I had felt a low level 'presence' in my room for most of this time. I had a tune repeating in my head- 'Shine On you Crazy Diamond' by Pink Floyd; and the four-note 'theme' which runs like a motif throughout the whole song. I don't usually stay up until past five am reading, but the book was very compelling, and my nervousness was such that I didn't feel ready to try to sleep.

It was less than a minute after finally putting the book down that the craft hovered into view. I was lying in bed, and the only part of the sky which was accessible to vision was exactly where it chose to hover. It drew sufficiently low to the ground that I was able to perceive the shape of the craft: it was not a classic saucer, nor a triangle: but appeared to have two discrete 'levels.' Its lights were powerful, and attracted my attention to that spot.

Now, I regularly scan the skies for craft. But within less than a minute of seeing this thing I was experiencing intense feelings of shock and awe that no other 'light in the sky' or aeroplane has been able to generate. It was so thoroughly anomalous I could barely stand to watch it for much more than a minute. Once it had attracted my attention, it then rose higher into the sky, and manoeuvred into an area of the canopy more central to my now standing position. It then proceeded to treat me to a signalling light show that lasted perhaps ten to fifteen seconds. It seemed playful, child-like, and thoroughly 'other.' Throughout this time it was 'bobbing' in the sky, in a classic 'falling leaf' formation.

I am still shaking and not particularly looking forward to nightfall! Think I might draw the curtains this time.

This was over my parent's house in the London Borough of Bromley. If you could direct me to any UK UFO organisations I would be pleased to submit a witness report.

Ben Fairhall

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You can submit a report here:

Take care

Anadæ said...

Well, Ben, it just couldn't've happened to a nicer guy. I, like you just yesterday day, have had an experience with the infinite. That was many, many years ago. It led me to US Navy Admiral Trevor James Constable's now world renowned tome, "The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind Ufos", lending quite a far flung spin on the entire enigma. Here are related links I'd like to provide you with:

The latter, his own. Taking cues from maverick (and martyred!) scientists, Ruth Drown, Wilhelm Reich, and Royal Rife, he has, without a strand of doubt, proven that certain "elegant displays" of heavenly lights are living, breatheing aeroplasts, not necessarily nuts & bolts spacecraft. Your experience looks to me to be the same.

Looking to the 7 directions,

Michael said...

Thanks for sharing Ben. You're report has similarities to the experience my partner had as a child (near the Hudson) in that the experience began from bed and looking out a window, and it was apparent that the vessel was extremely conscious of his perception of it.

How perfect that the double leveled UFO appeared in the land of the double decker bus. Here is the Cylon version: Basestar.

Cheers, Michael

Ben Fairhall said...

Thank you Michael. It means a great deal to me that I can share this event on here, and get a positive response.

I was attempting a minor remote viewing experiment earlier, and seeing whether I could recall (or intuit) anything more regarding the structure of the craft. The technique is not very scientific: I close my eyes, and enter a trance state; then not infrequently nod off for a few minutes. It's a pleasant activity for one so fond of indolence, and though I don't place great store on the 'results, I am sure it assists creativty and is one mechanism for accessing deeper intuitive thought. Anyway, the brief 'flash' I received was of a craft not entirely disimiliar to the link you provided; make of that what you will!

Thank you MML and Anadae for your tips and links.

Ben (Wing Commander, First Space Battalion)


Kate said...

Hi Ben, thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Since I was a young child, I've had the same recurring dream: I look out of my bedroom window and watch the stars. Suddenly I become aware that they are moving, have many colours and are infact craft.

When young I was always scared in the dream. As a teenager I felt like I knew who they were but I wasn't ready. As a young adult I felt I was ready, but I warned them others were not. Recently, m feeling in the dream is we can't afford to wait any longer.

In one of my dreams I was told I was to help others whose minds would be blown by the shock.

I rarely shared this dream with anyone until a month or so ago when I made a point of telling my younger brother..only to find he had the same recurring dream and more Strieber type experiences.

I don't know why I felt the need to tell you this, but I have a knowing that the time in my dream is fast approaching..cheers, Kate

Ben Fairhall said...

Thank you, Kate. I have had UFO dreams: one no more than a couple of months back, in which I witnessed a small fleet of craft not far from the place I saw one (in 'real' life) a couple of nights ago.

Thanks for writing,

Alfredo Narváez said...

Hey Ben, after reading ur email, I thought... could it be that you invoqued the "UFO presence"?

This has happened to a lot of people, that after incubating on their minds X, time later X indeed appears...

Be careful with your wishes! ;-)

Ben Fairhall said...

That would be my understanding of what happened, Alfredo, yes. I acknowledge the note of caution in your words, and will proceed accordingly. Oddly, I would hardly have thought of myself as much of a UFO nut: never really paid very much attention to the phenomenon until fairly recently.

This ability to manifest unconscious desires, etc, is magical, universal, and increasingly the preserve of physics. Contrary to one or two comments I have received, everything is connected; and reality far more pliable than the consensus trance would dictate.

You, of course, understand this already.


P.S Any developments in Mexico City recently?

Newspaceman said...

Ben, try


Angelswords said...

I occasionally have UFO dreams, variations on a theme in which I am looking out at the night sky expecting some sort of display: fireworks, lasers or son et lumiere.

At first it seems like part of the show when various multi-coloured shapes emerge, but on closer inspection they appear to be space craft, different and smallish in size (or far away).

Tom Molinaro said...

It's strange, I see them in meditation, and i wonder if they are really up there, or if I'm having just some kind of symbolic vision of them.

gypsum23 said...

Bromley? That's where I'm from