Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Return of the Elder Gods? III

'Scientists have reached back in time 115 million years to one of the most successful flying creatures in Earth’s history to conjure a robotic spy plane with next-generation capabilities.

They are attempting to mimic the physical and biological characteristics of the pterosaur Tapejara wellnhofer including skin, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, nerves, cranial plate, and skeletal structure.

The scientists hope the unmanned aerial vehicle, known as the Pterodrone, will not only fly but also walk and sail just like the original.'



Michael said...

An interesting hat - I think. The comment to the linked article wonders why a "spy drone" would be made so outrageously conspicuous.

Cheers, Michael

Glasgow Greensmoke said...

" Welcome Lazerbeak! Unlike some of my other warriors you never fail me."

So if you combine the flight characteristics of the Dinobot, Swoop, and the mission objectives and capabilities of the Decepticon, Lazerbeak, you get this fantastic new toy being developed by the Military/Scientific establishment.

I guess they though Transformers was pretty cool when they were children too, huh?

So yes, amazing hi tech developments but doesn't this also bring down the expense and necessary technicality of scaled down UAV's and the technology to defeat them?
I'm sure for the price of one of these intelligent drones that a team of dedicated amateurs could build thousands of armed, radio control, balsa wood, scale model supermarine spitfires and still have money to spare. Alright garage built aircraft probably wouldn't come close to the performance of this military grade ptechno-pterodactyl in a one-on-one dogfight but could certainly win by strength of numbers.

If Oliver Cromwell were here today would he not already be building up a New Model Airforce?

"Soundwave, play back Lazerbeaks findings"

Glasgow Greensmoke said...

Or better yet save money and ecologically damaging industrial mass production, use the natural resources we have around us.
We could develop a microchip which integrates and overrides the central nervous system of large birds. Leave it switched off most of the time and they live their natural lives but in times of need flip a switch and you have satellite remote control of a flock of genetic kamikaze. Alfred Hitchcocks fantasy made real.

CyberGulls we could call them. C-Gulls for short.

I've heard Sea Gulls quite like chips!