Friday, 28 November 2008

Mumbai Reflections

Conspiracy theories are already circulating regarding events in India, which (to date) have claimed at least 125 lives, and 300 injured. The media has been very quick to attribute blame to 'Al-Qaeda', despite an MO greatly at odds with previous 'outrages' pulled off by that mythical entity. According to certain sources, these events bear the hallmarks of domestic terror- an opinion which has not prevented India's leadership- and the global media- from pinpointing Pakistan, and its security service, the ISI, as the culprit; presumably in an effort to rekindle the 'War on Terra', and perhaps provide President Elect Barack Obama with the excuse he needs to make good on his AIPAC-approved election promises. Many reports have stated that the principal targets appear to have been Americans, Britons and Jews (thus evoking all three heads of the Evil Empire), despite the indiscriminate nature of the slayings; and the spectre of Mossad has, predictably, been raised, as it always will be in any violent event of uncertain provenance. (See here and here.)

There are also indications of a more subtle, occult conspiracy behind the mundane politics, ultimately of non-human origin. It is well-known in research circles that events of this nature frequently reference the Goddess in one shape or another: the perennial theme of secret history; as seen very recently with the hijacking of the Sirius Star off the Gulf of Aden. From TV reports from India earlier today, I gleaned the fact that at least several of the coordinated attacks occurred in the Coloba region of Mumbai, a word which seems as though it may be related to the queen of Fortean codewords, Columbia. Giving a small degree of support to this idea, the region now referred to by that name was, in an earlier epoch, divided into two discrete islands: Colaba and Little Colaba, the latter being known in English as Old Woman's Island. (The many other examples of Columbia's significance in occult lore are contained in an article to be posted shortly at BTB, for those with a particular interest in the subject.)

Not only that, but Mumbai itself is a prime location for a goddess ritual; being that it consists of no fewer than seven islands, the (deliberate?) equivalent, perhaps, of the seven hills of Ancient Rome... or perhaps the seven sisters of the Pleaides. Indeed, the earliest known name for the city is Heptanesia, a Greek word meaning 'a cluster of seven islands.' A point made in several BTB posts is the equivalence of the goddess and the Grail; and Mumbai is a city with very strong ties to the Stuart dynasty, the mysterious keepers of the Grail of Anglo-Scottish tradition, being granted to the Stuart king Charles II at his marriage to Catherine of Braganza (after whom the borough of Queens County, New York, is thought to have been named.)

Its present name of Mumbai- used, formally, since 1996, and informally for many centuries before that by speakers of Gujarati- is combined from the local goddess Mumba, and a word meaning 'mother', 'Aai'. According to Wikipedia, Mumba was the patron of the original inhabitants of the seven islands, the salt collectors and fisherfolk; who is still deeply venerated in the city's seventeenth-century Mumba Devi Temple. Most intriguingly, Mumba is depicted inside the temple as a black stone sculpture: evoking obvious comparisons not only to the Black Madonnas of Templar-infused Catholicism and Isis, but to the origins of Islam in the pagan worship of the Kaaba at Mecca (a word related to Cybele.) Devi is a Sanskrit word, synonymous with Shakti, the female aspect of the divine.

What the above signifies is less easy to explain. It is my belief, to paraphrase John Keel, that important events are manipulated by an unknown intelligence (of extra-dimensional origin) through the external control of specific human beings. This intelligence uses the symbols of the goddess as just one of its many calling cards; and appears to demand regular regular infusions of blood as its principal food source. These two points are actually the same point: as Keel observes in The Mothman Prophecies, one of the peculiarities of the UFO/fairy phenomenon is its ability to 'ferret out' (identify and use) menstruating females, perhaps the ultimate Shakti symbol. UFOs and other anomalous phenomena are the visible expression of this energy or force; and blood and flesh- in abundance- are vital to the maintenance of this transmogrification. Blood rituals in symbolic locations, in my opinion, are the principal mechanism by which the Secret Commonwealth sustain their terrestrial presence, though by no means the only one.

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Therese said...

Thank you for such an informative explanation of the origins of the name Mumbai.

To me, these tragic events had a disturbing note of lunacy (that word is being used advisedly), and I think that if one had been able to interrogate any of the participants at the time, one would have found them to be very crazed - perhaps even unable to say exactly who they are.

Blood rituals in symbolic locations, in my opinion, are the principal mechanism by which the Secret Commonwealth sustain their terrestrial presence ...

Well stated.

Thuth said...

Have you also noticed the UNBELIEVABLE amount of vampire symbolism in the collective consciousness lately. From the Twilight serise to True Blood. They are EVERYWHERE. I was a vampire for halloween, along with about everyone else I met.

Thanks for this. I think you are right on, and your vampire mention has me startled, as I have been seeing them around.



Metaphysically Speaking said...

Thanks for this excellent post.
This event in Mumbai also occurred almost at the same time Pluto returns from its retrograde into Sagittarius and back into Capricorn.

Here is another way you could break down the name Oberoi, one of the hotels attacked in Mumbai at this time. OBE = out of body experience. (or by?).. Order of the British Empire?) and Roi ..Roy..synonymous with Rai or Raja…Indian king.

Warmest regards....Diana.

Been deciphering this stuff for years off and on.

When you have a moment, would appreciate you popping over to: