Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bad Santa (Part II)

Christmas is certainly the time for miracles; and, in addition to a large helping of misery and blood- courtesy of the Synagogue of Satan- the Fates (or tabloid editors) have obliged with a few: real and ersatz. (Chris Knowles recorded several of these in a recent post at The Secret Sun, see here.) And so, nestled alongside the deaths of Faith and Hope, the sadly-named conjoined twins from Shrewsbury, were two remarkable stories suggesting the opposite: spiritual revival (of a feminine and esoteric variety.) The first was the rescue of Donna Molnar, a woman from Canada who disappeared for three days after her SUV was forced-off road in a blizzard, and got stuck in a snow-logged field. When discovered by a police dog, reports claim that Molnar- who had left the vehicle, allegedly to 'take a walk'- was marooned in 23 inches of snow, and was wearing little more than a winter jacket.

Most striking is Chris Knowles' ingenious (and entirely valid) translation of Donna Molnar as 'Our Lady of the Grain' (or Corn), 'the title of Demeter in the Eleusinian Mysteries.' The spectre of this enormously significant myth was evoked repeatedly in 2007-8: from the 'cereal murder' at VirginiaTech, conducted at the height of Demeter's ancient feast of Cerealia; to the McCann's soujourn through the Underworld in search of their lost daughter Persephone, the goddess trapped in flesh.

(According to this Iron Age myth, Persephone, or Prosperina, is abducted by Hades and forced to spend six months of each year as his queen; her mother's frantic search for her missing daughter was symbolized in ancient Rome by white-clad celebrants, rushing through the streets of the City with lighted torches- see here. As if to demonstrate the ingenious maxim of Philip K Dick- 'The Empire Never Ended'- a white-clad Kate McCann, accompanied by her husband, lit candles in honour of her daughter, Madeleine, at Fatima on May 23, 2007, an 'occult announcement' which garnered intense global interest. And the symbolic connections between Ceres, our Lady of the Corn, and VTech go just as deep- as Todd Campbell discovered in a series of posts written shortly after those events, comparing the astrological sigil of [the planet] Ceres, the broken sickle, with Cho Seung-Hui's alter-ego, 'Question Mark'- see here.)

'When you reach the end of an age,' writes Chris Knowles, 'the myths and the symbols that once defined that age begin to turn against it.' The myths and symbols of Demeter and Persephone- and the countless iterations of the same- are those which will replace the symbols of the outgoing Age of Pisces; which will function as the undergirding of the New one; and, as such, are going to be invoked and endlessly reinforced between now and Pisces's final close.

And indeed, at roughly the same time as the 'Christmas miracle' of Donna Molnar, the same forms were manifested in a story of even greater symbolic content: that of Magdeline Makola, the South African-born nurse, recovered from the boot of her car after a period of possibly ten days held captive there. (The car, a red Vauxhall Astra- or red star- was found in a car park at Drumgelloch railway station almost 23 miles from her home- see here.) In addition to being yet another example of the perennially-recurring 'MM' sigil, examples of which we have been tracking on this blog since May 2007, see here, this story is keenly significant- if intensely traumatic for the woman concerned- for several other reasons.

Ms Makola, as Knowles reports, is a black woman, living not far from one of the most famous Black Madonna sites in Europe: Rosslyn Chapel. Like the identically-initialled Madeleine McCann, her name is a very direct reference to Mary Magdalene, the character whose veneration is believed to underlie both the medieval cult of the Black Madonna- superimposed over the elder archetypes of Isis and Kali- and the majority of the twelfth and thirteenth-century cathedra dedicated to Notre Dame. And the symbolism of her discovery, emerging, as it were, from a cave, from the depths of the wintry Underworld into the light of human consciousness, is a very accurate facsimile of the revelation of Kore that awaited the hungry, terrified initiates at the climax of the Eleusinian Mysteries; or the glimpse of the Pythia afforded at the end of the arduous journey on the Sacred Way to Delphi.

The interestingly-named Justice Ngema has today appeared in court charged with Magdeline's attempted murder; I will follow further developments with keen interest. In the meantime, let it be noted that both of these stories- which followed very swiftly upon our discussion of 'miraculous' content in bona fide Fortean events, see here- were presented to Christmas news consumers as festive 'miracles'- despite the horrendous and long-term suffering which is likely to ensue from both (details unlikely to receive the same sort of attention, as Chris Knowles observes.) And there were 'miraculous' survivals cited in the Covina shootings, too, as well as other coincidental details which- despite the high level of planning- may indicate some level of occult or 'fairy' influence.

We'll get round to highlighting these in our next post, very soon.

The Empire Never Ended... more to follow...

'Those who don’t know already (and there will be some) need to realise that today we are still fundamentally regulated by cultural devices and strictures set loose upon our forebears in the ancient world- in kingdoms such as Babylon and Egypt- several thousands of years ago. We have inherited their gods hidden in everyday language and societal control mechanisms so that in real effect, without even stepping into a temple or any occult congregation, we pay token to them every day.'
-Ellis Taylor


Christopher Knowles said...

Wow, thanks for the shouts, Todd. I also updated the post with another Christmas horror, on "West Magic Road" in Idaho.

I really recommend that everyone see the new X-Files movie, despite what the pinhead critics are saying about it. It's probably the most synchromystically powerful entry in XF history, and you can check out details in the post (vis a vis Demeter, which the XF also linked to Christmas in the fifth season) you link to as well as symbolism pertaining to Sirius in another post. Much more on the film to come.

The symbols are screaming at us, only most people are processing them on an unconscious level.

Christopher Knowles said...

Shoot- I hope I said "Ben," Ben!

Christopher Knowles said...

Ben, if you haven't, I also recommend you look into the strange symbolism around the Gary Condit (US Rep from Ceres County, CA) and the Chandra Levy murder.

Sorry about the "Todd"- I check out both your blogs regularly and you both have that black background!

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, you should maybe also be looking at Torphichen Preceptory and Cairnpapple in relation to Magdeline, both of which are far closer to Livingston than Rosslyn Chapel.

Also, Justice went to court in Linlithgow, birthplace of Star Trek's chief engineer Montgomery Scott, or Scotty



Ben Fairhall said...

No worries, Chris. Thanks for your comments, particularly the Ceres lead on Chandira Levy.

Great comment, Brian: very helpful to have the perspective from someone familiar with the terrain. Happy Hogmanay to you and yours.


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, also, Magdeline lived at number 33. There is a thread on it on the 3 Arguidos forum which I was kindly sent.