Wednesday, 24 December 2008

'The blind man who proves the sixth sense...'

''For blind people to regain the power of sight usually requires a miracle - either of the old-fashioned, Biblical variety or of the modern, medical sort.

Yet an extraordinary case reported this week shows us that there may be another form of miracle that can help the blind to 'see' - and it's one that may force us to rethink our whole understanding of the way in which the human senses operate.

In the journal Current Biology it is reported that a man left totally blind by brain damage has astounded scientists by flawlessly navigating an obstacle course without any help or practice whatsoever.'

... 'This weirdness should perhaps not surprise us. Our senses form part of the most mysterious system in the known universe - the human brain.

... Anyone who claims they know how the brain works, or exactly what is going on when our eyes view a splash of red, or our noses scent a whiff of coffee, or our tastebuds pick up on a tang of brine, is simply deluded or lying.'


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