Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Dark Tower

'If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face- forever.' Thus sprach George Orwell in his dystopian 'classic', 1984. It is a gritty, militaristic image; but if humanity is to be herded into a New World Order, it won't be frogmarched by jackboots. No, it will be a pixie boot; and it won't be stamping on our faces but dancing- mischieviously.

In my last post (click here) we saw the vague traces of this occult dance on the streets of Mumbai, manifesting in the series of ten terrorist attacks in the city on November 26-29. At his blog The Copycat Effect, legendary cryptozoologist Loren Coleman asks whether the total number of locations hit may in fact have been eleven, a numeral with a recurring significance in the recent history of terrorism. (Click here.) Number, name and synchronicities are the bleeping radar of occult research, as grimly exciting as a Sasquatch pawprint; and where they coalesce in quantity is the best evidence that exists for the Secret Commonwealth and their influencing machine. And lo, Coleman finds at least one quintessential example: Joey Jeetun, a British actor, caught up in the first wave of violence... whose most high-profile TV gig was as Shehzad Tanweer in a Channel 5 drama based on the London Bombings. As Coleman rhetorically asks: 'How does an actor who played a terrorist bomber find himself in the midst of a terrorist attack?' How indeed?

It surfaced again in its choice of locations, a point we considered in our previous post. Focusing now upon just one of those, let us turn our attention to the attack on the Oberoi Trident: one of Mumbai's most exclusive hotels, targeted because of its popularity with Western business people, and its position in the heart of the city's financial district. It comes almost without saying that Oberoi is remarkably similar to Oberon, or Auberon, known to generations of Shakespeare lovers as the royal consort to Titania, Queen of the Fairies in A Midsummer's Night Dream. But the legend of the King of Shadows far pre-dates 'Shakespeare' (whoever he was), deriving from the Old High German figure of Alberich, a composite word meaning 'elven king.'

In our last post (and in several articles on BTB) we observed again how frequently geopolitical events of this sort of magnitude (and violence) are embedded with references to the goddess, the Feminine Principle in all its forms. One of the most potent symbols of the same is the Holy Grail, the san graal or sang real; the chalice being a symbolic representation of the female reproductive organs, and its use with the sword a ritualised celebration of the sexual act. We observed that, in the Anglo-Scottish imagination, the true bearers of the Grail are the Stuart clan; whose royal authority is based on their Merovingian (and Judaic) lineage; and that this bled through into recent events by dint of the close Stuart connection with Mumbai's early imperial history. And the character of Alberich, so close to Oberon and the Oberoi Hotel, is also seeped in Merovingian lore; he is in fact the otherworldly 'twin' to his brother Merovech (or Merowech), from whose name the word Merovingian actually derives.

The criteria of a true occult vortex, however, or so I believe, is an affinity not merely with the Grail/goddess, but also to water and towers: as I have attempted to demonstrate repeatedly at BTB. We have tracked examples of this strange process in the apparently unconnected locations of New York City, Liverpool, Oxford and Greenwich; now we seem the same force at work in Mumbai. Its immersion in Grail and goddess lore was essayed briefly last time; we saw, too, its ancient connections to the sea and maritime industries, consisting geographically of a cluster of seven islands. And whilst any modern city could be said to have its fair share of tall buildings, I personally find it significant that an alternative name for the Oberoi Mumbai is the Trident Towers... even without a consideration of the trident symbol, to which we will return next time.

According to its website, the Trident (or Hilton) Towers 'is known to give a splendid view of "the Queen's Necklace"'- a 3km long boulevard also known as Marine Drive. And whilst the Wikipedia estimate of 333 rooms may not be as accurate as the 337 listed on its own site, the Trident is certainly just one feature in a complex of neo- (and not so neo-) estoeric attractions. The resonantly-named Nariman Point is nearby, 'the Manhattan of India'; so too are the Hanging Gardens, a nineteenth-century addition to the upmarket neighbourhood of Malabar Hill. And beside the Hanging Gardens, the Parsi Towers of Silence, a mausoleum used by the Parsi community.

A Zoroastrian sect, who arrived in India from Iran some 900 years ago, Parsis hold fire, earth and water as sacred, and thus do not cremate or bury the bodies of their departed. Instead, amidst the thronging vultures and an atmosphere of deep peace, with a ringside view of the Oberoi, the dead are exposed to the elements.


James Ratte said...

the waterfront of NYC is called the "Emerald Necklace"OZ

necklace is a word that get's attached to waterfront paths so often.

wise woman said...

Hi Ben
Very interesting.
Strange things are afoot - I just found out yesterday (I don't follow the news), that an Air NZ airbus crashed into the ocean off France on 27th November (NZ time it was the 28th) which is the exact anniversary of our only big avaiation disaster the 'Erebus crash' - when a sightseeing plane flew into the slopes ot Mt Erebus, Antarctica in 1979 - Erebus in greek mythology being the 'Gateway to the Underworld'.
Have done a bit of a write -up if you want to check it out - just thought the timing coincided with your thoughts on Mumbai.


Ben Fairhall said...

Thank you for your comments...

WW, I will check out your write-up.


Therese said...

Like Wise Woman, I was uneasy about the crash of the Air NZ plane - it seemed like a portent.

Events in Mumbai certainly carry forward the chaos and loss. Far too little is known about the killers in Mumbai. The official story is that there were only ten of them - obviously there were many more.

We also have not been shown pictures of the 9 corpses, so that people could identify them, and say who they are and what they have been doing. The official story is that they were "beyond recognition" ... no doubt that is true at some deeper level. In ordinary life, a forensic reconstruction can give you an image of even a shattered face.

Behind both the official story and the conspiracy theories is - as Ben points out - something worse which feeds on ordinary beliefs and reduces them to parodies - a dark theme of organised bloodletting by the Secret Commonwealth.