Tuesday, 23 December 2008

'Escape from the gynaeocracy...'

'The American Matriarchy is lifting her Veil and dropping her pants.

It’s a New Age. Her Age. So we’re assured.

... The symbolism and graphic effect of the [Masonic] Tracing Boards are subtle. Colorful, inviting, attractively Mystical. The viewer is led to agree that the situations, articles, and figures inhabit Oz— a dream-world, a fantasy realm of unreality, of mere game and gaming.

But these operations are not games. Sorcery is blood-magic. Murder, torture, and death are the root NRG of masonic magick. '

More: http://ray222.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/she-of-the-west-marian-is-moovin-on-up/

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marmitelover said...

I find it extremely distressing that you would post a link to this kind of mysogynistic shit.
Really Ben, I thought better of you.