Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Thoughts on Naomi Scherr

What is the secret that connects Fortean events with the disproportionately large number of Jewish people who, so often, seem to be players (conscious or otherwise) in those dramas? That was the question which we began to confront in our last post, here. Five Americans were killed in the Mumbai attacks (an occult event of considerable pedigree, as these articles have demonstrated) and all were Jewish: the Scherrs, Holtzbergs and a Chabad rabbi of dual US-Israeli nationality, Leibish Teitlebaum. So far as 'the world' is concerned (that loose affiliation of the profane and distracted), this synergy is explained in view of the fact that terrorists go after the Jews like a greyhound chases rabbits: rubber-stamped thinking that could never satsify the true anomalist. Is it conceivable that a liberal Jew like Alan Scherr was targeted because of his Jewishness alone (over, say, his possession of a US passport); or were other forces in motion, summoning him to his destiny, the fruit of an occult mandate contracted in the midst of his meetings with the Divine Mother in the Shrine of the Heart?

It all seems too perfect... A man who met with the goddess, staying in a hotel referencing (the former temple of) Shiva, a possible beneficiary of a goddess cult now long extinct. In a city named for the goddess Mumba, a city comprising seven islands, mimicking the Seven Sisters of the Pleaides. And staying with his ill-starred daughter Naomi, a name boasting several further correspondences to the same Principle. All mere coincidence?

Naomi, the name means pleasant in Hebrew, is a character in the Book of Ruth: an Old Testament 'novella', whose mood is fashioned from the start through the meanings hidden in the names of the participants. Naomi, the 'gracious' and favoured wife of Elimlech, a forebear of the future King David, is blessed with two sons: Mahlon ('sick') and Chilion ('weakening' or 'pining'.) Naomi outlives them both, and promptly does a Madge, insisting she no longer be known by her given name but as Mara: the 'bitter'. In Ruth 1:20-21, we read: 'And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me. I went out full and the LORD hath brought me home again empty: why then call ye me Naomi, seeing the LORD hath testified against me, and the Almighty hath afflicted me?'

The adoption of Mara is highly significant, for, in addition to its Hebrew meaning, the name is associated with a rich number of myths and archetypes; including the Latvian goddess of the same name, the feminine quality of God; of whom all other Latvian goddesses are considered her 'emanations' (or 'alters'.) Her feast date, through a process of religious cross-pollination, is August 15: the traditional date of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary; and at least some scholars regard her as a syncretic confabulation of pagan folk traditions and the Virgin Mary. In Buddhist traditions, as every good Jubu should know, Mara is a (male) demon, associated with the death of the spiritual life, tempting the mendicant back to the the grinding wheel of samsara. But perhaps most significantly of all, considering the location in which Noami Scheer met her untimely end, in classical Hinduism Mara is a goddess of death, the antithesis of kama, the god of love, life and pleasure. Indeed, in Sanskrit and Pali, mara means 'death-bringing' or 'destroying'.

In Germanic and Scandinavian folklore, the Mara is a creature akin to a succubus, associated with the 'Old Hag' known to sufferers of night terrors and sleep disorders. In The X Files: The Book of the Unexplained, the (Jewish) Fortean researcher Jane Goldman describes this phenomenon, remarking on the fact that: 'Virtually identical accounts can be found stretching back throughout history and spanning the globe. Anomalists file them under the title Old Hag- a term coined in Newfoundland, where such experiences are commonly acknowledged and, in more superstitious eras, were thought to be the work of witches, or hags. In German-speaking countries, the phenomenon of 'Old Hag' was known as Mare- the word from which our own 'nightmare' is derived.'

Curious, then, that the 'twilight content' of this underreported adjunct of Mumbai should also contain signals pointing us... where? To Hecate, the dark goddess of the popular pagan imagination, the crone, the goddess of the crecent? We have already seen how these same symbols, the crescent moon in particular, have functioned as a symbolic constant through the multiple layers of this story, anchoring and defining it; and relevant to this is the presence, in Slavic mythology, of Mara (or Morena) as 'the goddess of darkness, death, winter, the Moon and horror'- all principles evoked in Mumbai's 'November Surprise'. (See here.) Are we, like 'Old Hag's' slumbering victims, being urged to awaken from- or in- the dream? To use the energy of these events to slough off the constraints of the false... for the quickening fire of the hyper-real? Yet Mara pertains not only to the dark goddess, the Feminine Daimonic, but also the Secret Commonwealth; those dark fuseliers whose maddening traces across the polished surface of life we have devoted so much of our time to exposing. As succubus, Mara is a symbol par excellence of the Changeling: the family Melusine, a pictogram that contains a very deep truth about those (semi-) human beings held in the Commonwealth's sway.

Was Naomi Scherr, like Alice Liddell, of the Faery Line? A certain impish coquettry (what Nabakov may have termed 'the nymphette') suggests it, as does the preference for dramatic fashion statements; a preference shared by her much older soul sister in the Grail, the aforementioned Jane Goldman (see here.) This truth, however intangible, clarifies why she too should have been summoned to appear when she did; and the fact of her 'selection' by terrorists channelling (evil) forces far larger than the political causes they ostensibly represent.

Are symbols of the goddess the grammar of the Commonweath's language, a favoured mode of communication? Is this how they process us? Or is the goddess the principle that opposes them, the Purpose versus the Random; that spikes their operations and discreetly unveils the guilty? Is the goddess implanted in the flesh of worldly events the skilful disclosure of a solution to the ruses of the gods; or does all spiritual and occult endeavour merely further enrich those eldritch archons? These are four-a.m questions to which this investigator has no answer. All I do know, to quote (the aptly-named) Iris Ringrose, a local psychic of Nelson, Virginia, is that sightings of the kind reported in The Shrine of the Heart... and the events which spiral out from them... are deeply significant, and often precede 'map-changing wars.'

'I wouldn't be surprised if she shows herself now,' Ringrose says. 'We are already in World War III, even if we don't realize it.' (Full article here.)

The Long Walk to Lammasland... More to follow...


Therese said...

All I do know, to quote (the aptly-named) Iris Ringrose, a local psychic of Nelson, Virgina, is that sightings of the kind reported in The Shrine of the Heart... and the events which spiral out from them... are deeply significant, and often precede 'map-changing wars.'

I wonder what figure it really was, that was appearing to those people in the syncretic cult of Hindu/Catholic icons. I was knocked sideways by the statement, in your previous post, that she had been appearing to some victims of the Mumbai massacre.

Some of this reminds me of the controversies surrounding the Catholic shrine of La Salette - a Marian apparition with "unusual" features. Sinister elements, and the decadent writers, were later drawn to this shrine in the French alps.

Ben Fairhall said...

It was Alan Scherr, Therese, of the victims of Mumbai that that 'being' showed herself to. His picture is in the caption box above (on the left, fairly obviously.)

The connection between the Decadents and La Salette interests me greatly... Could you elaborate, please?


Therese said...

The French author Huysmans was fascinated by La Salette - he was a key figure among the Decadents who also wrote about Satanism, and towards the end of his life about Catholicism. He was also fascinated by Chartres Cathedral - a solar temple.

There are some references to him in the book "Under the Heel of Mary", which is available in google books. If you search for Huysmans in that text, a page comes up - I think it is 341 - which gives some indication of the culture of La Salette in the late 19th century. As soon as you read it, you will be struck by the lush feminine imagery, the tone which mingles threats with pieties, and the general ambiguity of the "holy" figure.

Missing from google books - found in a footnote - is an allegation by the authors that some of these La Salette affectionadoes were suspected of infancticide. I shall look up the exact text when I am back at my home library.

Anonymous said...

hull-o ben

as you note, the politics of Mumbai -- as with the WTC -- is merely the cover for the Peeps, as well as (false) motivator for the actual participant-dupes

likewise, the jewishness of the victims was NOT the primary reason they were targeted -- rather, it was an inevitable consequence of their choice of "worship"

they involved and marked themselves, with lots of help from empowered daughter/sister Jane (visions of Johanna) Goldman

btw the Kinks' "Lola" came on while reading herein about Naomi Goldman

i've written recently about my childhood at Vallejo/Mare Island -- supposedly named for the drowning of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo's mare in the channel between the town and the island base

Death Island indeed -- see my post for more info on the base, trident sub manufacture, etc.

these events relate directly to the Mara "bitter energies" of the collective feminine, and of course the old testament is a graph of the constant backsliding of the hebrews to goddess-worship, child sacrifice, etc.

nothing, really, has changed

well done n cheers


Therese said...

A few more notes about the Marian shrine of La Salette in France, which is generally informative of the ambiguity of some apparitions of the divine feminine. A short account of a defrocked French priest of the 19th century notes:

Boullan seems to have been obsessed with Satanism and evel since the age of 29, when he took a nun named Adele Chevalier as his mistress. Chevalier left her convent, bore two bastard children and founded with Boullan The Society for the Reparation of Souls. Boullan specialized in exorcising demons by unconventional means, such as feeding possessed victims a mixture of human excrement and the Eucharist. He also performed black masses. On January 8, 1860, he had Chevalier reportedly conducted a black mass in which they sacrificed one of their children.

This gives you an idea.

Boullan met Adele Chevalier at La Salette, and he appears to have also been a friend of the visionary, Melanie Calvat – a disconcerting woman of vivid imagination and literary gifts, but an unstable psychology. The La Salette link is also found between Boullan and his friend, the decadent writer Huysmans, who was fascinated by La Salette. Huysmans wrote an unfinished novel about La Salette, but did not publish it, allegedly because he did not want to damage the Catholic Church.