Monday, 15 December 2008


We ended our last article promising to return to the subject of soma, and its connection- through Shiva- to the Mumbai attacks, but wishing first to add two additional details to the esoteric soup. The first was the 'synchronicity' at play in the presence of the Synchronicity Foundation amidst the carnage: two of whose members, both American, were killed in the Oberoi Hotel, or Trident Towers. I had intended to moving quickly on to what I considered more important matters; but, as so often happens during investigations of an occult nature, upon researching those specific events more deeply I realised we had inadvertently stumbled upon a very significant story indeed. To recap: Synchronicity is a modern spiritual movement, based in Virginia, whose leader- the self-styled Master Charles Cannon- has claimed contact of a longstanding, and ongoing, nature with an entity he conceives as the Divine Mother; who, since August 2006, has been making almost daily appearances at the Foundation's 450-acre ranch near Faber, Virgina; in a part of the grounds decked out for the purpose known as the Shrine of the Heart. Alan Scherr, a former professor, was a community lynchpin: an official spokesman for the group, and the editor of Cannon's books (all of which were on sale at the press conference launched shortly after the tragedy.)

Considering that a total of four Americans were murdered in Mumbai; and that we have demonstrated myriad ways in which the events of those days connect to the goddess, the fact that one of those slain was somebody who had been party to several alleged visitations of said goddess is something I find most extraordinary. (Sadly, Scherr's thirteen year-old daughter, Naomi, was also killed.) Indeed, the aforementioned press con, at which both Cannon and Kia Scherr, the murdered man's wife, paid tribute to the dead, proceedings were conducted beneath a wall-length painting of the Virgin Mary. Both Scherr, his daughter, and the two- or, in some reports, three- Americans killed at Nariman House were Jewish; which I find extraordinary to an almost equal degree. This may well be because the shooters were actively targeting Jews, as the mainstream were very quick to emphasise within hours of the first details emerging; but even if this were true, it remains apparent to anyone who has followed the coverage that a dispropotionate quantity of airtime has been given over not only to the Jewish victims of Mumbai, but to two in particular: the Haltzbergs, those connected to Chabad. (See here.) Indeed, the 'Jewishness' of Scherr and his family has barely been mentioned, if at all. Why?

I find the etymological similarity between Scherr and Schneerson, Chabad's former leader, very interesting in this regard. Both seem to typify the opposing poles of a power tussle within Judaism itself, and, to a very great extent, within the souls of individual Jews; a struggle whose significance upon the wider planetary community should not be underestimated. Scherr, like a full twenty percent of America's Buddhists, was a Jubu: a person with a Jewish ethnic or religious background who practices Buddhist forms of meditation and spirituality; and thus, as this blogger opines, 'a symbol of secular Jews... under the sway of New Age, Buddhist, and secular/humanist expressions of spirituality.' (Adherents to Chabad, on the other hand, practice a strict Orthodox form of Judaism which is traditionally hostile to non-Jews, and opposed to the doctrine of assimilation popularised by Moses Mendelssohn.) The two factions can be personified in the equation Zalman vs Zalman: one, an eighteenth century Hasidim who founded the Lubavitch movement; the other, the Chabad escapee who became one of the fathers of Jewish Renewal. Espousing 'the sacramental value of lysergic acid', and being associated with heroes of the sixties counterculture like Ram Dass, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi- a Renewal pioneer- represents the sort of Judaism of which Scherr would likely have been very proud.

Indeed, according to Wikipedia, 'some Renewal Jews borrow freely and openly from Buddhism, Sufism and other faiths', and incorporate 'social views such as feminism, environmentalism and pacifism.' (See here.) And herein, perhaps, lies the rub; and the reason why so little has been made of Scheer's Jewishness, in stark contrast to the shirt-rending hubbub surrounding the deaths of the Haltzbergs, and the miraculous rescue of their two-year old son. Scherr, it seems, practiced the wrong kind of Judaism: a syncretic, Gnostic variety, that emphasises personal experience over community norms. One indifferent- if not explicity opposed- to political Zionism, and hostile to the militarism which defines it; which eschews separatism; and rejects Jewish racial supremacy for something a tad more... holistic. A Judaism, in other words, guaranteed to play poorly at the New York Times, and with the elites who program it.

The Empire Never Ended... And it's a Long Walk home... More to follow...

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