Monday, 1 December 2008

'Shooting at 'Omen' cathedral...'

'The man shot dead by police outside a cathedral was named by sources today.

David Sycamore, 39, was gunned down outside Guildford Cathedral after armed marksman were called to reports of a man carrying a gun in the city.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has launched an inquiry into his killing.

...Guildford Cathedral was used in the filming of the 1976 classic horror film The Omen.

When a young boy sees the spire and the building comes into view he is thrown into a rage. He foams and the mouth and tries to bite his mother.

The cathedral's dean, Victor Stock, has said the filmmakers should never have been allowed to use the building. He said it made some people frightened to come in.

An IPCC spokesman said later: 'The cathedral at the moment has had to be closed while the investigation is under way because the shooting took place very close to the cathedral and therefore it is part of the scene.'


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Therese said...

A notable event - could this be the latest installment of the "Curse of The Omen"?

There has always been a lot of talk about this film, and somewhat revived by comparisons between Barack Obama, with his enigmatic background, and the story in the film

Most of the Obama/Damien comparison goes on issues like that it is unusual for someone of his age to have both his parents, and so many other relatives, dead and gone, etc. It is also quite true (and has been commented on in the straight political sphere) that Obama's rise was meteoric, and that from an early age, a series of highly placed people took an interest in forwarding his career.

Certainly, Obama's career took off from 2006, the year when The Omen was given a remake.