Thursday, 18 December 2008

Twilight Over Mumbai [Part I]

I will be resuming where we left off a few days ago, see here, very shortly; but having stumbled upon the fascinating story of the Divine Mother and her appearances at the Synchronicity Foundation's ranch in Virginia, I feel we are justified in spending a little more time now in exploring those subjects further.

As far back as our first article on Mumbai, here, we were using language highly suggestive of vampirism to describe the workings of the occult intelligence that Robert Kirk called 'the Secret Commonwealth.' In that article, I wrote: 'It is my belief, to paraphrase John Keel, that important events are manipulated by an unknown intelligence (of extra-dimensional origin) through the external control of specific human beings. This intelligence uses the symbols of the goddess as just one of its many calling cards; and appears to demand regular regular infusions of blood as its principal food source.' Since that time, the metaphorical importance of the vampire has been impressed on me further; continuing a process which has been underway now for at least a year.

In this post from last December, I reviewed the movie 'I Am Legend'; a film described by the uber-geek at my local SynchComp Odeon as concerning 'not zombies- but vampires.' Lodging itself snugly in my gourd, that little nugget of reportage seemed keenly significant even then... but why? I began understanding why a couple of weeks later, when, in the midst of investigating the (morbidly fascinating) story of Meredith Kercher- and Amanda Knox, America's Favourite Bad Girl- I discovered a YouTube video posted by Rudy Hermann Geude, currently beginning a thirty year jail sentence for his part in the murder. It was a story with considerable occult pedigree, and Guede's self-description, captured on video and transcribed below, seemed to encapsulate that perfectly...

'Oh my God,' said the well-refreshed Guede. 'I'm an extra-terra. I'm from alien earth who must be called human people. Oh Mamma. I'm a vampire. I'm Dracula. I'm gonna suck your blood.' (Article here.)

Vampires were evoked for a second time in that case when Italian prosecutors identified a vampire-themed manga comic owned by Guede's co-accused, Raffaele Sollecito, as having inspired the killing- see here. According to this theory- devised by Gabriella Carlizzi, a psychic investigator who claims to channel Padre Gabriele, a charismatic priest who died in 1984- the manga-fuelled murder was part of a broader Satanic rite of human sacrifice originally planned for the night of Halloween. (See here.)

My interest in these matters then intensified as I continued to read the works of Whitley Strieber, novelist and controversial UFO researcher. As described in this article, Strieber regards all of his pre-Communion fictions as having been inspired- to greater or lesser degrees- by the aliens he termed 'The Visitors'; and nowhere is this synergy more obvious than with the vampires of his second novel, The Hunger. There, Strieber merges several symbolic strains to great effect, producing a heroine who exemplifies many of the traditions with which the 'legend' of the vampire has been appended. With their pale skin and wispy blonde hair, a keen interest in issues of blood and purity, their close affinity with occult traditions, and a creed of violence tempered by a certain nobility, Strieber's vampires are redolent of the Templar-inspired Schutzstaffel of the NDSAP. And the vampire, from Bram Stoker onwards, has always attracted comparisons with the broader class of the 'Illuminati', not least for the ritual consumption of menses- the 'starfire' rite- with which these families have long been associated, according to certain occult researchers like Nicholas De Vere.

The comparison between the tall, blonde vampires and the extra-terrestrial 'race' (of dubious veracity) termed 'the Nordics' is discussed by Strieber himself in this interview with Science Fiction Weekly; but it is as a metaphor for the nameless predatory force itself- the occult conspiracy- that the symbol is most effective. Viewed this way, the vampire is a visual mnemonic of Kirk's 'Secret Commonwealth'... and of the human agents under its sway: a symbolic equivalent to the men (as well as women) depicted in these Mumbai articles as Melusine.

In this follow-up article to our Knox investigation, we introduced the concept of certain pop-cultural memes acting as 'triggering agents' to induce unconscious ritual behaviour. By no means as effective as a raft of other methods- which we will examine in a future post- at certain times and in certain places, in league with several other influences, the application of specific cultural memes can function like a hypnotic command, provoking an episode of ritual behaviour programmed by the Commonwealth and their agents. Those most effective in this regard, or so I have concluded, are those whose creation is characterised by a state of semi-fugue: spiritual 'downloads' (or Gnostic 'transmissions'), direct from VALIS itself. We have identified several examples of this phenomenon: the genesis for the (highly symbolic) tale of Frankenstein, for example, 'received' by the nineteen-year old Mary Wollstonecroft Godwin 'in a waking dream' in 1816 (see here.) Several of the Beatles' most popular songs wormed their way into their writers' heads through dreams; one of which was Let It Be, which the Beatle-loving Amanda Knox was reported as singing 'repeatedly... all day long... at the top of her voice' from her prison cell in Perugia- see here. And the oft-quoted case of Charles Dodgson and Alice in Wonderland, in 1865, is an even better example: 'received' on a strip of water called the Isis, somewhere between Magdalen Bridge and Binsey, on the Templar-date of July 4.

The fingerprints of the Secret Commonwealth are revealed in the study of what James Shelby Downard called twilight language; how interesting, then, that Naomi Scherr, the thirteen year-old girl murdered by terrorists in Mumbai, was reportedly a fan of the vampire-themed novels by Stephenie Meyer collectively referred to as Twilight. Redolent with occult and gnostic form, Twilight is another transmission in which VALIS has taken a provable interest; and thus another of those memes which, in league with many other influences, can induce the dissociation desired by the predatory Commonwealth... as the second part of this article will explain.

Twilight over Albion... More to follow...

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