Monday, 5 January 2009

The Crimson King (Part I)

Continuing our series of articles concerning the Mumbai attacks of November 2008.

And so our Mumbai Reflections draw to their inevitable close. Our undertaking has been crowned with signs and wonders; as I sit here now, staring at a padded cell in the London Borough of Bromley, the intergalatic critter whose acquaintance I made in October- see here- continues to hover and swirl, seemingly disinterestedly. 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft,' I sang, in a fugue-like state, to little or no avail. Minor aurorae greeted me, contrails of the silent sentinel; but the display was not to match the pyrotechnics and excellence revealed last year. Terrestrial concerns intervened; and I left it there, hanging... like some mildly embarrassing relative, talking too loudly at the funeral of a child.

In Death in the Suburbs, the Liverpool poet Adrian Henri opined that 'The end of the world will surely come/ In Bromley South or Orpington.' That all these events are apocalyptic- in its literal sense of revealing- is undeniable, perhaps signifying some inner death and re-birth... or expressing broader millenial currents: about 2012 and that sense, growing stronger by the hour, of living at the Edge of the World. Tantrikas at the End of the Age. Had their approach not been prophesied in certain Hindu texts? The emergence, to quote Crowley, of that 'Hidden Church withdrawn from the world in whose sanctuaries were preserved the true mysteries of initiation'. The Coming Forth by Day of the Brotherhood of Tantra, dedicated to 'the potent feminine principle of life', and the ecstatic transformation of one Age into the next. Was that to be my work?

The craft twinkled knowingly, almost coyly at me, as if confirming my secret thoughts. And Lunar continued to spin on her gyres, entraining bad behaviours in the minds of men. When G Madhaven Nair (Mid-Heaven and Air) 'gave the moon to India', all the tumblers fell into place, setting the cogs to whirr and the air over Mumbai to resound with the steady sound of clocks. When the curtain rose, when the full moon hovered into place and the wolves were released, all the marionettes danced... But the moon does not belong to India, it belongs to Shiva (or She-va), from way before the world.

Back when men knew Her as Rudra, gathering in caves to pronounce the secret words of power, full of strange hungers and riven by mysteries unfathomable. Rudra, whose cult absorbed the oblations paid to Ambika, the mother, to produce the truly composite figure of Shiva as He is known today: both god and goddess, worshipped in the form of the Shiva-Linga, but forever paying tribute to some older current: unmistakable in its serpentine form, its trident, crescent and streams.

Thus, perhaps his most prevalent guise- like the thousand-year old sculpture hewn from the rock of the Elephanta Caves of Gharapauri Island, one of the oldest edifices on the Mumbai archipelago- is as Ardhanarishvara, literally the Lord who is half a woman. An ancient sigil of alchemy- as the 'Perfect Red King', a symbol of the universal mercury proceeding from the conjunction of the opposites; a 'Chymical Wedding' also depicted as Melusine- the Divine Androgyne is another of those symbols emerging from the winter of the mind... And I thought again of those secret tantrikas, whose emergence is the sign of the close of the age.

The Moon belongs to Shiva... And the Empire Never Ended... The lunar god, Chandra- literally, 'the shining'- is also the Sanskrit and Hindi for moon; and it was the successful landing of the Chandrayaan-1 probe on November 14th which provoked Madhaven Nair's usurping remarks: a statement unlikely to have pleased India's several million Hindus. In the Vedas, Chandra is also the receptacle from which the gods consume soma, the divine juice of godship; and as a result of this association, Soma also evolved into a lunar deity, uniting with the symbols of Shiva, the red.

Shiva, Chandra, Soma: an affinity with very great relevance to our ongoing study of the secret architecture of the Mumbai event, first brought to my attention by Mr T Campbell, here.

A future post will mine this resonance further.


Anonymous said...

another possible connection of shakti, black madonna (kali MA) should be studied with reference ot the state of Kerala , where the worship devi and kutti chatan (infant
jesus/666/satan) ..
in fact kerla is constantly refered to as 'God's OWn country' ...
God is devi or the devi il (il devi)
seems to be a connecting theme in christianity (black madonna) , islam (pentacle, kaba and allah, judiasm (or kaba ala) ..and hinduism( kabala iswar = siva and the femminie self kali(black) ma(madonna)..
shiva also hold the trident like the devil and shiva is described as pashupati (god of the beast) and is horned in this incarnation...
the sacrifice of a black goat(hindu symbol for the SUN) is even today a n important ritual in chatan swami temples the story of chatan swami and siva to see similarities with the virgin birth and resurruction...

Christopher Knowles said...

It's fascinating to see the rise of India as an economic superpower in the midst of all of this. Their mythology seems so much conducive to the coming convulsions than those of the west.

Anadæ said...

Hey there, Ben, all occultic striations resonating through the current of these tragic events aside, why not see my friend, Suresh's, ongoing blog? He's a 31-years-young Indian national English teacher whose experience with the Mumbai massacre were a little too close for comfort. Deep waters of retribution have they catapulted him into, I daresay, which see:

aferrismoon said...

One of the main characters in the film 2010 = Dr. Chandra. He's the scientist that works with HAL


Ben Fairhall said...

Thank you very much, ah, Moon.

I am also reminded of Chandra Levy, the intern who went missing (and later died) whilst working for Gary Condit, congressional representative of Ceres County, California. (Thanks due to Chris Knowles for pointing this out.) Went missing on Beltane (May 1), 2001, apparently.


Anonymous said...

the kali(fornica) pic precisely illustrates the current (not new) age, meet the old boss

the pic's reminiscent of the 'kabuki scene' from 'the man who fell to earth'

as with the templar logo, black subjugates white,female conquers male

weapons-- wine(blood), blade mocking latest victim, panoptical eye, head of latest victim, crescent blade sending (poisoned) energy below (earth), hallucinogens

on one side the serpent, choking out the victim's life

on the other a tantric coniunctio producing melusine/empowered androgyne and enabling the alien third eye (via the feminine)

nice necklace! :O)

india broke alexander the same way

both the hebrew tribes and their neighbors (ancient and current) were goddess worshippers from the getgo

as the bible documents it's a seemingly endless struggle to maintain consciousness and resist collective regression to kali ma

nice post by anonymous too


Therese said...

A wonderful post Ben, but I am going to have to read over it several times to get even half the meaning.

Your comment that Hindu terrorist groups do exist is certainly true - and (like other terrorist groups) they can be linked to both the security services and the otherworld of organisations of spiritual powers.

A clear example of this is the Ananda Marga group. Even their bland wiki entry will alert any reader to the links to cultism, self-immolation and the arms trade. This group has been blamed for the 1978 bombing of the Hilton hotel in Sydney, one of Australia's rare examples of terrorism. However, the security services have also been blamed - it is regarded as a conspiracy.

I don't see why one should have to choose between the two alternative explanations, it can be the both of them together.

One thing about the site of the bombing. It was directly in front of a Sydney landmark - the Queen Victoria building.

FilmNoir23 said...

Ben, Do you recall my Chandra Levy article?

Ben Fairhall said...

I don't, Todd, I'll go looking for it now... unless you would care to attach a link?


Ben Fairhall said...