Friday, 23 January 2009

The Crimson Queen

I have lived in the arse of the world
- Morrissey

And so our Mumbai Reflections draw to a close. Our undertaking has been crowned with signs and wonders; as I sit here now in my comfortable Bromley cell, the intergalatic critter whose acquaintance I made in October- see here- has returned to hover and swirl. Minor aurorae greet me, contrails of the silent sentinel; but the display was not to match the pyrotechnics and excellence revealed last year. Terrestrial concerns intervened, and I left it there, hanging...

In Death in the Suburbs, the Liverpool poet Adrian Henri opined that 'The end of the world will surely come/ In Bromley South or Orpington.' That all these events we study are apocalyptic- in the purest sense of that word: a revealing- is undeniable, expressing broad millenial currents about 2012 and that sense, growing stronger by the hour, of living at the Edge of the World. I glanced again at the strange bobbing light in the sky, and a resonant phrase drifted across my mind. Tantrikas at the End of the Age. The emergence, quoting Crowley, of that 'Hidden Church withdrawn from the world', whose coming forth was the surest sign of the parousia. The Brotherhood of Tantra, dedicated to the ecstatic transformation of one Age into next. Was that to be my work?

The craft twinkled knowingly, almost coyly at me, as if confirming my secret thoughts. And Lunar continued to spin on her gyres, extracting bad behaviours from the minds of men. When Madhaven Nair 'gave the moon to India', the wolves were released and the marionettes danced. But it wasn't his to give... The moon belongs to Shiva, from long ages past; back when men knew Shiva as Rudra, gathering in caves to pronounce the secret words of power, full of strange hungers and riven by mysteries unfathomable. Rudra, whose cult absorbed the oblations paid to Ambika, the mother, to produce the truly composite figure by which he is known today: both god and goddess, worshipped in the form of the Shiva-Linga, but forever paying tribute to some older current: unmistakable in its serpent form, its trident, crescent and streams. Thus, perhaps his most prevalent guise is as Ardhanarishvara, literally 'the Lord who is half a woman.' (The Divine Androgyne: an ancient sigil of alchemy.)

The Moon belongs to Shiva. The name of the lunar god Chandra- literally, 'the shining'- is also the Sanskrit and Hindi word for moon; in the Vedas, Chandra is also the cup from which the gods consume soma, the divine juice of godship; and as a result of this association Soma also evolved into a lunar deity, uniting with the symbols of Shiva, the red.

Shiva, Chandra, Soma. The triple identification is appropriate, extending the fractal-like pattern of three imprinted on every surface of the Mumbai event. (Like the attack on the Trident Towers, and the mass of content pointing squarely at Shiva, a Trimurti; who- with Vishnu and Brahma- compose the 'Great Triad' of Hinduism.) And Soma, too, is a trinity: god, juice and plant; whose depiction in art was also, principally, three-fold. Bird, bull... and human embryo.

Exactly which plant was venerated as soma is a matter of keen debate; but which ever of the several plausible candidates is the correct one, its influence upon the development of the Vedic system- and perhaps upon civilization itself- is massive, and largely unsung. Puzzled by its apparently complete cultural disappearance (in many ways equivalent to the long confinement of the goddess), for Terence McKenna soma was 'the supreme entity', a trace of whose former splendour is preserved in the Sanskrit word for monday- somvar. McKenna, like many others, was convinced that soma's energizing properties were the product of a naturally-occurring psychedelic compound; comparisons that inspired many to attribute soma-like qualities to LSD-25.

In addition to a cocktail of more conventional fare (cocaine, speed, steroids) traces of the former were detected in the blood of the Mumbai marksmen. Drugs and terror are familiar bedmates; but terror and LSD, on the other hand, is a much more novel partnering. Independent expert Roland Jacquard, quoted here, is sceptical of these reports, noting: 'We're talking about people who think they're killing for God and who are certain they'll attain paradise by slaying innocent people. The most powerful drug they could ever find is already in their head before the attack starts.' Internet journalist Todd Campbell concluded from this that the terrorists' drug selection was predicated not on the need to resist fatigue, but was instead part of a broader ritual to invoke the power of Shiva through the mediating sacrament of soma. (A fact which, if true, would suggest very strongly that the culprits were more likely militant Hindus- and they do exist- rather than Islamists.)

Naturally enough, Campbell's speculations are unlikely to trouble the minds of the official investigators, keen to apportion all blame to the ISI; but its limited merit as a practical theory does not reduce its compelling force in the symbolic realms, the realm of the Dreaming Mind. Neither is it without at least one piece of important supporting evidence. Soma, the food of the gods, was the ultimate tool of both practical and mystical illumination; a term which- in my writings, at least- has a very specific definition. 'Illumination' is a type of spiritual possession, either short-term or rather more long-lived, through which an individual becomes a channel of information from a disembodied source.

Whilst this process plays out, those participating can be considered honourary members of the bloodline- having been grafted for a limited time into an illustrious lineage of families in which possession is a much more stable affair. Driving the phenomenon is a need to generate energy on behalf of the controlling entities; and to lay the infrastructure of a New World Order specifically designed to ensure maximum exposure to those same entities at every level. It is not an exclusively negative phenomenon; possession, to some degree, underlies all creative manifestations, and a surprisingly high number of artists and writers have claimed to have been influenced by spiritual entities throughout their lives. (Norman Mailer described this as 'The Navigator in the Unconscious.') In similar fashion, the energy-generating rituals are more often mischevious in spirit than outright nasty, like the sporadic outbreaks of choreomania in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Whilst the strain of becoming a channel can lead some to the brink of madness, for most people the process is temporary and operates like lycanthropy. What this means is that at a certain time, in a certain place, and for a specific reason, 'illumination' will occur. The full moon will arise in the soul, whichever archetype the individual has bonded with will constellate in the aura, and the ordinary occupant will vacate for however long it takes to attain the outcome desired by the Secret Commonweath. The ritual itself will transpire in a fugue or semi-fugue state, with the return to mundane cognition usually accompanied by a complete or partial amnesia.

In most such cases, the bloodline designation is symbolic and refers to no specific genetic properties. But in cases of those rare but keenly significant people in whom 'illumination' tends towards permanence, the designation may well be valid objectively, whether actively engaged in ritual or not.

What is this bloodline? In truth, it is not a singular entity but an amalgamation of many different gens, with a disproportionate emphasis upon the Jewish and Celtic. Its corporate symbols are the Dragon and the Grail; its distinguishing characteristic the psychic and magical phenomena that its members very actively display. Dragons, however, can be made as well as born- even Dragons of high and permanent standing. In such instances, a half-blood Dragon will likely earn his full stripes through the deliberate cultivation of certain siddhis. Good men of the Right Hand- the few who are left- use yoga and meditation to achieve this end; for certain others, sex magic and Viagra might be the vehicle used to force the serpent up the spine and into its temple lodge. In some truly freak instances the elevation will be entirely involuntary, perhaps induced by a blow to the head or even a lightning strike. (See here.)

Whether temporary, permanent, cultivated or entirely involuntary, the 'illuminised' state is symbolized (in my mind) by the equivalent symbols of the 'Red Dress', and the Scarlet Thread.

A very obvious reference to the psychic bloodline, red- or the 'Lady in Red'- is a mode of attire unfailingly observed by so many of those high-profile players (of both genders) whose career paths read like occult mandates. Michael Davies, project architect of the Millenium Dome, is a good example. A structure with many esoteric features- a circumference the exact size of the Avebury Ring, and a plumb location bang on the Prime Meridian- Davies, according to author Clive Aslet, 'wears a red shirt, red trousers, red shoes, a red construction hat and carries a red mobile phone.' He also drives a red Jaguar with red leather seats, writes in red ink with a red pen and- very suggestively- studies the stars from his roof through his 22 red telescopes. (Article here.)

And then there are the historical examples: minor details on one hand, but curiously persistent ones on another. William II, whose florid countenance earned him the nickname Rufus the Red; Henry II, great-grandson of the Conqueror, whose 'freckle fiery face and red hair' matched his violent Platagenet temper. And what of Edom, the red people of Esau, the 'rejected' tribe who many identify with the Ashkenazim of the present day?

The 'Red Dress' has even drifted onto the stage of international relations. In 2007, The Independent reported on a gala dinner held in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheik (situated on the coast of the Red Sea.) Billed as a chance for rapprochement between Iran and the United States, the event was a conspicious failure when Manouchehr Mottaki- the Iranian Foreign Minister- is alleged to have taken grave offence at the female violinist, scantily-clad 'in a long red evening dress and wrapped in a stole', and flounced out in a huff.

The Scarlet Thread (which derives originally from the story of the sons of Tamar recorded in Genesis 38) is another deeply-resounding symbol of the psychic bloodline. In first century Judea, a 'scarlet tongue' would be fastened to the door of the Temple court and used as a measure of Jahweh's approval; whilst pilgrims to the Tomb of Rachel will, to this day, wind a scarlet thread around the perimeter of the building, a talisman considered particularly effective for pregnant women. (Rachel being the 'eternal mother' of the Jews.) Read as a metaphor for the co-habitation of disincarnate intelligence in a human body, it is significant that the same token has been enthusiastically promoted by adherents of the modern-day kabbalah movement, whose large and increasingly vocal membership includes Madonna and Britney Spears. (A private photograph of whom was published in 2007 showing the singer covering her breasts with the blooms of two red roses- see here.)

Is it significant that this same symbol was seen on the wrist of the one terrorist captured alive, the soma-toting Ajmal Amir Kasab? (See here.) Was he unconsciously signalling his real religious affiliation... To the pan-dimensional realm which all of these 'blooded' individuals are entrained to- a field that incorporates all magic and fairy lore, and is the source of all paranormal and psychic phenomena? The name of this field is none but the Goddess herself, a mnemonic for the entire corpus of the occult. Administered by the Secret Commonwealth, archetypes can (and do) constellate in the Dreaming Mind as readily as they do in the consciousness of an individual; and since 1945, the archetype which most accurately describes this lunar realm has been... Babalon.

It is appropriate, then, that the original Ladies in Red were the hierodulai, temple prostitutes in the service of Inanna, the Babylonian goddess identified with Diana. Red (and green) would, by osmosis, be attributed also to Mary Magdalene, who in addition to her red robe was often depicted as or with a red egg, and with the flowing red hair of the Royal Scyths, the ruling tribe of Scythia.

A linguistic corruption transformed Inanna The Great into the Whore of Babylon, and her hierodulae into harlots. The royal colour underwent the same sordid debasement; and Mary Magdalene, Inanna's biblical equivalent, lost her identification with Sophia the Hebrew goddess and was recast instead as a reformed whore.

A corruption, certainly... but as a reflection of a seachange in consciousness, an accurate one; which captures if not the eternal essence of the Goddess then something, at least, of her present mood. This is a moment when many of the darker aspects of femininity and sexuality are constellating. Our global malaise reflects an essential aspect of the feminine- her deceit, her secrecy, her compelling need for control; not in reaction to the patriarchy but as unassuagable elements of her being. We see the fruits of the arse-end of the Kali Yuga everywhere: unbridled narcissism, the relentless sexualisation of children in league with a paranoid fear of paedophilia, pornography of an ever-more extreme bent. The geopolitical manifestations of this energy may be convulsive, but encoded in the same debased symbols are the signs and promise of renewal. The rise of the She-Male represents the return of a perennial current of sex and religion embodied in the Shaivite hijra of South Asia, those feared and sacred ladyboys. Or the erotic temple art of Khajuraho, whose fleshy permutations evoke the Divine Androgyne no less effectively than the statues deep inside the Elephanta Caves of Gharapouri Island, where Shiva presides as the Lord who is also a woman.

Were the terrorists who poured blood upon the streets of Mumbai furthering this process? Illuminated through soma, wired up to the goddess as the scarlet wristband of Ajmal Amir Kasab would suggest? The shooters were certainly Muslims, but the memes suggest a mixed bag of religious motivations. Soma- for the Hindu in him? The wristband, the kabbalistic Jew? The militant Islamist? Well, that would be the gun. But in the midst of all this confusion, perhaps the symbols are plain, plain, plain. A monolith. Because underlying all three of those patriarchal faiths is a forgotten, but stirring, woman; whose symbols- the real culprit- dominates them all.

Shiva is my Girlfriend... More to follow...


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Speaking of which, check out this image and see what catches your eye.

Anadæ said...

Say, ever see the Polly Jean Harvey music video, "Down By The Water" before? Most of it is shot underwater with her in a lovely, slinky, red, evening gown. I tried linking you to YouTube to see it, but, eh, you'll just have to do it your(s)elf bro. You must 'Gno', Ben, that she'll be touring for her new Lp, "White Chalk" in April all throughout Albion. It's being lauded with wide acclaim. Heard it yet? On MySpace, where she maintains her own page:

. . . she lists her two influences as Captain Beefheart & Bob Dylan. Enjoy the show ~ Anadæ ( :-)}

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In a recent post on my blog The Patternist, I mysteriously felt led to add a few lady-in-red synchs at the end of the post. definitely gonna be checkin your page now...

Mrs. Thuth said...

Zounds! She is everywhere!

Don't know if you've read Thuth's latest, but he makes a reference to a red lipstick kiss on an envelope. My first thought was: Kiss of the Scarlet Woman.

And poof - here she is on the top o' your blog.

We're also noticing a shift in the Feminine from the blonde (in white or blue) to the brunette (wearing red).

Chris's pic brings that to mind.

Dark Goddess Aspect?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

The Woman in Red is The Cyber King.