Sunday, 25 January 2009

Quantum Superbrains

A recent update on the development of 'quantum computing' seems to have been eerily anticipated by John A Keel. (Original post here.)

In what is probably the best passage in the book, in Disneyland of the Gods, his last collection of Fortean essays, the fabled researcher opines:

'The end product of evolution will not be a superman. It will be a machine, probably a supercomputer. Computer technology is advancing so fast that within a few years we will undoubtedly perfect a mechanical brain superior to the human brain. Transistors and miniaturization will enable us to build this brain compactly. It may look like nothing but a metal cube a few feet square.

... Its sensors will inform it of everything that is happening on earth. It will be able to read the minds of the survivors of the next cataclysm, and perhaps even control them. Their descendents will worship it, having lost all memory of our civilization. They might build a temple around the supercomputer and guard it zealously without ever knowing why.

This may sound like a very outlandish concept. But our civilization is heading in this very direction. Our space program is winding down. If- rather, when- real economic disaster strikes, we will altogether abandon our dream of colonizing the planets. Development of the supercomputer, a kind of ultimate dictator for the whole planet, will assume priority... The supercomputer of tomorrow will be designed to run the whole world more efficiently and more objectively than any man could.'

Thanks for that, John. Sure know how to cheer a boy up.

In the same book, Keel makes several references to the 'long-fingered' appearance of many of the entities purportedly encountered by UFO contactees; including Antonio Villas-Boas, the Brazilian farmer whose tales of alien sex made Ufological history in 1957. Connecting these reports with an ancient stream of fairy lore, Keel observes that 'The Piute Indians in North America have legends about blonde, long-haired, long-fingered gods who lived on sacred plateaux.'

This also seemed very timely this week, when a study of 'highly pressured London traders' by researchers at Cambridge University concluded that 'the most successful had long ring fingers in relation to their index fingers.' A Telegraph article described the trait as the result of greater exposure to testosterone in the womb, 'thought to be linked to attributes such as confidence, risk-taking ability, extra vigilance and quick reactions.' (See here.)

Considering that Keel, in common with many Fortean writers, seemed to believe in a global civilization of Watchers that preceded the Sumerian culture; whose unions with human women produced our current ruling elites, I suspect he might have found this study very significant indeed.

Are those long-fingered sons of the Watchers still ruling over us, their domination now asserted not through religious systems of control but through money? 'In a sense,' he writes: 'These gods owned the earth and had direct control over all its inhabitants through the God-king system; a system still in effect in many parts of the world into the twentieth century.'

All of which makes me very curious to know the length of Obama's third digit. Wonder if Larry Sinclair could fill me in?


Michael said...

Colossus, the Forbin Project brilliantly goes down the supercomputer as God route.

I once read some sci-fi (can't recall the name, sorry) about a planet controlled by men (wizards) with this exact "handprint" - the ring finger equaling the index in length. It had something to do with the hand fitting a certain control pad, and they had slowly bred themselves to fit it. The control pad was of ancient origin, built by a long lost race. It turns out the pad controls a giant machine built in the antarctic that has the ability to manifest thought.

Cheers, Michael

Anonymous said...

It may look like nothing but a metal cube a few feet square. ..Their descendents will worship it.. ..They might build a temple around the supercomputer and guard it zealously without ever knowing why.

That conjures up images of the Kaaba in Mecca, and the black rock from 2001:A Space Odyssey.

Angelswords said...

I've read elsewhere that longer ring fingers (in comparison to index) are more of a male trait.

Are there specific measurements involved?

My ring fingers are longer than my index fingers. I'm not particularly ambitious or super confident, nor am I male.

So does the theory hold or are there exceptions to the rule?

Interesting, but I'd like to see wider study samples of men and women.

Angelswords said... - 36k -