Monday, 26 January 2009

'Marian visitations as Trickster manifestations?'

'There aren’t many female aspects of the Trickster. But I wonder if Marian apparitions can’t be considered a female version of [the] Trickster manifestation.

If we accept that Marian apparitions are a paranormal/anomalous (and not religious) phenomeana, and often within the context of UFOs, and that the Trickster is an innate part of paranormal, UFO phenoenamea, then it isn’t too outlandish to consider the symbol of the Virgin Mary as a Trickster.

... I’ve often been struck by the irony of the Catholic Church cracking down on both those church members who believe appearances of Mary is a part of their religious experience, as well as the Marian Apparitional phenomena itself.

It’s clear there is an entire political agenda present in the church’s stance on maintain power in contrast to the appearances of a deity that seems, whether intentionally or as a byprocuct, to mock the church’s position.'


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Christopher Knowles said...

There's an interesting parallel here with Bramley's theories on John of Patmos, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, etc.

Sometimes I see the clown archetype as some otherworldly parody of human beings. One that we absorbed into our own culture. No surprise that the Scottish Rite fellows love to dress up as clowns.