Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sorry, ET, but it was ET.

'... Scientists at manufacturers Enercon have been looking into the mystery, and dismissed the theories that either a chunk of ice thrown from another turbine, or frozen urine dropped from a passing plane, was the cause.

A source told The Sun: "It is impossible to get a lump of ice on a wind turbine blade big enough to cause that kind of damage, let alone be flung from one to another.

"Also, turbines have sensors in the blade. If they detect ice forming they turn themselves off.

"Additionally, any large lump of ice would not have melted so quickly in the cold weather and would probably have left a dent in the ground. No debris was found other than remains of the turbine."

... A lightning strike has also been ruled out, as there were no burn marks.

It is also possible that one of the blades had simply not been securely fixed, and fell off bending the other on its way down.

The results of the investigation being carried out by forensic scientists in Germany should be disclosed within a week.'


'Could this object have been something bizarre along the lines of Trevor James Constable’s 'critters', which he long ago supposed might inhabit our atmosphere? Would the late Ivan Sanderson, with his notions of 'atmospheric lifeforms' that could inhabit the skies, approve of the same? On the other hand, was it indeed a UFO in the traditional sense; that is, some kind of machined aircraft? Could it have been mighty Cthulhu risen from his slimy vaults amidst the sunken depths of the dead city of R’lyeh… or to be serious, could this giant, glowing, airborne Portuguese-Man-of-War actually be something else… a plasma manifestation, perhaps?'


'MORE EYEWITNESSES have come forward after speculation of a UFO hitting a wind farm turbine.

... Scores of witnesses have been coming forward to tell us their weird encounters over the past weeks.

Peter White, a Managing Director emailed us to tell us of his eerie sighting of an orange ball of light. He said:

At 2a.m. on New Year's morning my wife and I were driving home from friends along Keddington Road in Louth when we saw a very bright orange light in the sky over to the West.

We both tried to explain with some rational what this could be, was it be a plane, a helicopter, a flair? And we watched it for a few minutes.

When we arrived home in Brackenborough Road, we could see over to the South West that the light was still there but it was now going up vertically at a slow speed and seemed to disappear through cloud cover.

Then almost simultaneously and at a lower level another very bright ball of orange light came from the right and then another 2 balls very close together and from the same direction at the same height.

All 3 balls of light then 'hovered' in the same pace for a minute or so before going off to the left at speed and disappearing.

We watched these in the distance for about 4 minutes, there was no sound at all and to me they were like nothing we had ever seen in the past because of the size, the intensity and that they could seem to move in any direction.'


''A link between wind turbines and UFOs has sparked speculation that the craft are flocking to Merton.

Recent sightings around a wind turbine in Lincolnshire has led enthusiasts to suggest a link between the energy generators and alien craft - and that the wind turbine at the Merton Abbey Mills shopping centre in Colliers Wood might be attracting extra-terrestrial visitors.

In April last year UFOs were reported above Wimbledon, and further sightings occurred in Wandsworth three months ago.

But a spokesman for Merton Abbey Mills, which installed the turbine in March to power the Colour House Theatre, said that no UFOs had been seen recently.'



Anadæ said...

...or, Ben, could it mayhaps ALSO even have been an egregore, generated by all the townsfolk's cohesive thought impressions, whose opinions of the placement of these turbines were unconsciously in opposition from the very getgo, despite the much touted eco-friendly, sustainable, "green" merits inherent in their placement & utilisation?

BTW, your strength of a grotesque form post that, mysteriously, has evaporated ahead of this (commented by a woman who is wise as well as someone who has written for centuries, Anonymous) was one of the best commentataries from one's hall which is fair that I've yet seen. Thank you, Ben, for your unwavering resolution to remain dressed in an armor of Light.

Here's to fighting the Good Fight,
Anadæ ( :-)}

James Ratte said...

so it wasn't an icy b.m. none the less I'm checking the obituaries for airplane ice related fatalities. Maybe it's just razzle dazzle; green men versus green energy technology.

tommy said...

Frozen urine. Of course. It's all falling into place.