Thursday, 15 January 2009

'Mysterious columns of light appear in night skies...'

'These stunning images show mysterious columns of light streaming into the sky above the town of Sigulda in Latvia at the end of last month.

Taken by designer Aigar Truhins with a standard digital camera, the photographs have prompted excited online discussions among amateur astronomists all over the internet.

'My son exclaimed, 'The aliens are coming!'' Truhins was quoted as saying.'



Christopher Knowles said...

Excellent work, Ben. It's unbelievable how busy the skies have become. A foreshadowing?

tommy said...

Except, now we're so pummeled with other stories of UFOs that this one will probably get swept away. Anyway, great find, Ben.

I think it looks like it has to do with Earth's magnetic field, and that could have more to do with the Alien Agenda than UFOs.

Melissae said...

busy indeed...wonder what the follow up will be on this one? ice crystals? hmmmm....a pretty mystery indeed.

Ben Fairhall said...

I agree, Tommy. I don't attribute this phenomenon to 'ET', but its very rarity (so far, inadequately explained by science) lends it an air of symbolism, as Mr Knowles hints at.

Chris, we've moved beyond the foreshadows (in my humble opinion.) These are the millenial days we're living in; all these phenomena are confirming that.

The Daily Mail reads more like the Nostradamus Diaries each day. (Maybe it's time I switched rags.)

Thanks for these comments, chaps,


Ben Fairhall said...

I believe ice crystals are the official explanation, Melissae.

Oddly enough, crystals were also evoked in Conisholme, to explain the 'balls of light' captured on a camera by Lesley Whittingham. If interested, you can find reference to that photograph in one of the many Conisholme links on the blog.


Anadæ said...

ONE MORE TIME: hey y'all, Friday, 16 January, that's just last night, at approximately half past one in the AM, there was a light that shone through my curtains as though a spotlight were being trained on the house (one of my dogs roused me from sleep, asking to be let out); the moon is a waning gibbous one as I write this, at 65% of full, so, this trailing column of luminescent "vapor" that clearly ascended miles up into the vault of the heavens from the horizon was NOT to be confused with the lunar orb's light. This ephemeral column fanned at its base, tapered at the top. As quickly as it came, it went, with nary a visible residue left in under two minutes.

The above mentioned site for astronomy buffs seems to already have begun a thread over a month ago concerning anomalous nighttime displays in the VA/WV area alone. I'm looking forward to participating. Anyone else in the VA/WV area see anything?

With stars in his eyes,
Anadæ ( :-)}

Autumnforest said...

These are absolutely beautiful lights, but that they emanate from ground lights of the same color makes me think it's more likely to be an issue with the camera shutter speed mixed with high humidity. As an investigator, I've had that happen to me when I take pictures and if there's a source of light it comes from, then it's surely not supernatural (but still splendid).

Ben Fairhall said...

Thank you for your comment, Autumnforest, and for becoming one of 'The Chosen.' You are a rare and elite crew, indeed.


P.S Great comment Anadae... If you hear anything more on this, please let me know.

Thuth said...


I've read the Ice Crystals thing.

It's interesting to me that the psyche of America has changed so that a kid instantly says, "The Aliens are Coming," and that's what's reported in the news - as though it were the most natural thing in the world to say. . .ahh, the innocence of children.

It's like EVERYONE is waiting for the aliens to come.

I say, ALIENS STAY AWAY - our planet, stop meddling.

Beautiful picture,


Thuth said...


I just read your post on your sighting. The letter you sent to Henrik.


2 Things:

1) Perhaps Whitley Strieber's writing is encoded in some way we don't understand to open you up to this, or activate the minds of the right people or something. If THEY start hearing specific tones of your thought, they start listening to you. Something like that - even if it is subconscious or fed to him. It doesn't surprise me they came to you.

2) ABSOLUTELY check out the Jacques Vallee interview I mentioned before. Now that you had an organic siting, you must hear what he has to say about UFOs and it will put your siting in a broader context.

If you do, please write what you think (send me a copy!)