Sunday, 4 January 2009

'Pink toys create generation of pushy princesses...'

'Shops and toy makers have been accused of creating a generation of "pushy princesses" by offering products for girls almost exclusively in pink.

Experts have claimed that the so-called "pink plague" on the High Street is brainwashing girls and reinforcing gender stereotypes.

They claim that girls are already becoming "hooked" on the colour before the age of three and soon reject toys and clothes if they are not pink.

Some claim that the "insidious" spread of pink in toy shops and children's clothing outlets is making girls easier prey to marketing stunts.

The apparent increase in pink in products for girls has incited heated debate on parents' internet discussion forums and educationalists believe that it is widening the gender gap.

"You can't find girls past the age of three who aren't obsessed with the colour," said Sue Palmer, an author who wrote the book Toxic Childhood.

"It's just so insidious and it shows how commercial forces can get under their skin even by that age.

"You can't seem to get anything that's not pink for girls, whether it's clothes, books or toys.

"To me, the real danger is the extent to which marketers influence and infiltrate young children's minds.

"They have managed to infiltrate playground culture where peer pressure is so strong.


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