Monday, 5 January 2009

'Stonehenge was a Neolithic rave venue...'

'The mysterious Stonehenge was a dance arena for ancient revellers listening to 'trance-style' music, according to one professor who is an expert in sound.

Stonehenge has baffled archaeologists who have argued for decades over the stone circle's 5,000-year history - but now academic Dr Rupert Till believes he has solved the riddle by suggesting it may have been used for ancient raves.

Part-time DJ Dr Till, an expert in acoustics and music technology at Huddersfield University, believes the standing stones of Stonehenge had the ideal acoustics to amplify a 'repetitive trance rhythm' not dissimilar to some kinds of modern trance music.'



Christopher Knowles said...

I passed this story on to a chap in London who said that the plain Stonehenge is located on is far too windy and rugged to hold any accoustical sound. Can anyone affirm or deny that fact?

Ben Fairhall said...

I feel your friend probably has a good point. A lot of very good minds have studied the properties of Stonehenge- its mathematics, its astronomical alignments, etc- and I very much doubt whether a part-time DJ and lecturer from Hudderfield has succeeded where those guys failed.

Despite that, there's something about the theory- its simplicity, perhaps- which I really like. I also like the fact that the lifesize replica, by means of which the theory was devised, was built on Maryhill in Washington State.