Tuesday, 3 February 2009

'Ghostly faces and Little People...'

'Following his wife's death six years ago, David Stannard has become accustomed to spending quiet evenings alone at his home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

So it came as a surprise to the 73-year-old when he looked up from his television one evening to discover he was sharing his living room with two RAF pilots and a schoolboy.

'The pilots were standing next to the TV, watching it as if they were in the wings of a theatre,' he says.

'The little boy was in a grey, Fifties-style school uniform. He just stood there in the hearth looking puzzled. He was 18 inches high at most.'

Mr Stannard's guests never said a word and vanished after 15 minutes. That night, he says, the walls of his house, which had always been white, looked as though they had been redecorated in patterned wallpaper with a brickwork effect.

The next morning he was caught off-guard again when he found a fair-haired girl standing on his sofa. She also appeared to be from the Fifties, but was life-size, wearing a short skirt and pink cardigan, with chubby knees, white ankle socks and ribbons in her hair.

'I watched her for a while,' he says. 'She didn't move much. Then she was gone.'

It would be easy to dismiss Mr Stannard's story as the bizarre imaginings of an elderly mind. Fortunately, he knew he wasn't losing his mind; neither was his house haunted.

A few weeks earlier he had been registered blind, though he was still able to watch television if he sat at a certain angle. He'd been warned that as his eyesight deteriorated, he might experience visual hallucinations in the form of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS).'

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1134415/Ghostly-faces-visions-little-people-The-eye-disorder-leaves-thousands-Britons-fearing-theyve-lost-senses.html


Autumnforest said...

Amazing detail--he'd have made a very accurate witness--rather frightening, huh? I wonder sometimes if conditions are right, people can see things that aren't there now, but might have been there some other time. They can seem so very real and detailed. I've seen one full body apparition and I was able to completely sketch him up and to this day recall him as if he were someone I met at a party. I knew he didn't have substance, but I soaked in every detail the whole 5 seconds he was there. I can't imagine having the image hang around for 15 minutes!

tommy said...

"The next morning he was caught off-guard again when he found a fair-haired girl standing on his sofa."

Okay, that's creepy.

I've seen one "shadow person" in my darkened room, quite recently. It was bending over and then stood up straight when I looked at it. I looked away first so I don't know how long it was there. Sent a wave of shock through my mind, I think it was real.

Eris said...

I'll have some of what he's having...

Ben Fairhall said...

I agree, Eris. Sounds fun.

Haven't seen you round these parts for many a moon, Eris. (Assuming it's the same one. King Alfred, Hove, five madonnas?)

Melissae said...

visual hallucinations possible! of course, but those who have the ability to 'see' spirits or other dimension-als or whathaveyou often do it out of the corner of my eye...my sister has some sighting ability and its rare to happen, but she says it's always out of the corner of her eye, kind of like the way this dude watches tv at a "slant"...

Anadæ said...

I bee'lieve that the following weighs heavily on these observations in this entry, "Ghostly faces and Little People...", the sanctimonious fields of "Medicine" and of "Science" notwithstanding :

"To me looking within, to the mind's eye, is the way to get vision of oneself in the higher planes.

What we call other dimensions are just rings within rings, ways the world is interconnected at greater and greater levels. The world can be fully represented in any dimension as each is a projection of mere information. Scientists seriously believe we live in a "disc world" - a flat plane which is given the illusion of depth through "gravitons." It is a hologram. When you can look at the hologram itself with full knowledge, you can look beyond the veil.

In some worlds, these different dimensional levels are stabilised and is kind of like a group mind people can "plug into." More elite or more attuned members can access deeper levels of the group mind. Some of the more evolved members of our primitive societies were the keepers of the group-mind, the shamans.

In some worlds, this faculty is enhanced by technology. Particularly de-evolved societies have inner realities based on technology alone. Frequently they'll form more primitive subordinate species to enrich their own system.

How do I gno this? This is the most likely thing in my mind.

When I try to fathom a group mind, I can only do so by actually reaching it. I can say for sure from experiencing it that humanity is only a small part of what is out there.

The greatest achievement of any one person on this planet seems dwarfed by what is out there. We seem to be mere shadows of our greatest illusions, both of which can be experienced in crystal clear perfection. I can say for sure, breathe easily, we are heading in a direction which is the right direction.

Despite the seeming chaos in Earth's economy, it is part of a greater order that preserves its existence. Insects may die in a night, but stars live billions of years. Yet we despair at the knowledge of limits beneath us so much that we assume ourselves mortal and corruptible, forgetting to contemplate our universal self. You have a part of you that existed and exists before the dawn of time. Do you remember how to see with its eyes?

I gno you do!"

The preceding are Sage observations, just shared with me this AM, from a young soul whom I feel that I can call my friend & brother (as I do you, too, Ben), whose name is Pan Spiritus. Sump'n Eye've kinsidered for decades; modern man is de-evolved from a godlike state, technology replaces the attributes "He" has, intrinsicaly, lost from before.

Fortunately though, some of us are pulling back the tide. Good food for Thoth. Deee-lish!

Alt He best, awe-ways,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Eris said...

Yes hello Ben, the very same - you've got a keen memory.

Happily/unhappily, whichever way you want to look at it (I objected), Gehry and Pitt's King Alfred project was cancelled last November due to funding problems, so no Madonnas I'm afraid, and I can enjoy my swims at the existing pool in peace...

Ben Fairhall said...

With my own links to Brighton & Hove, the Madonnas conversation was of great interest... I wrote about it in one of my BTB articles.

Would that be the King Alfred Leisure Centre? Has a pleasantly run-down feel to it. That whole promenade- walking away from Brighton- is by far the nicest part of the city.

nanotech said...

Maybe, his eyes are allowing him to see into the Astral Plane.

as this quote, for a magic mirror specifies,
One Convexo-Concave superior transparent glass which has a perfect and complete sphericity of form on the properly indicated side; manufactured by a certain secret process and formed by infusing silicious matter with fixed alkalies; but so constructed that it possesses none of the qualities of the lens, so that rays of Astral Light passing through it are not made to change their direction or to magnify or diminish objects at a certain distance, as does the crystalline humour of the human eye.

In other words, this exclusive Convexo-Concave superior transparent glass must be made by a special process that it has no mitigating, assuasive or lenitive qualities whatsoever.

Its exact size must be 5 12-16 × 7 12-16 inches.

Next obtain a sufficient amount of a secret bituminiferous substance like that used by the ancient mystics and old philosophers for this very purpose.

Also one small brush; very fine.

Messrs. de Laurence, Scott & Co. will, upon order, supply the materials hereinbefore mentioned, consisting of one specially made Convexo-Concave superior transparent glass, 5 12-16x7 12-16 inches, a sufficient amount of a secret bituminiferous substance to give the glass three coats and make it Opaque; also a brush to apply the substance on the glass.

Order No. 135—The above materials will be sent in a mailing case, securely packed, together with "THE FAMOUS MESSAGES TO ALL MYSTICS," which gives full directions for making a Magic Mirror. Price, $2.50. Foreign, 12s, 10d.