Thursday, 12 February 2009

'Lunacy and the Full Moon...'

'Across the centuries, many a person has uttered the phrase “There must be a full moon out there” in an attempt to explain weird happenings at night. Indeed, the Roman goddess of the moon bore a name that remains familiar to us today: Luna, prefix of the word “lunatic.”

Greek philosopher Aristotle and Roman historian Pliny the Elder suggested that the brain was the “moistest” organ in the body and thereby most susceptible to the pernicious influences of the moon, which triggers the tides.

Belief in the “lunar lunacy effect,” or “Transylvania effect,” as it is sometimes called, persisted in Europe through the Middle Ages, when humans were widely reputed to transmogrify into werewolves or vampires during a full moon.'



Autumnforest said...

I used to work an ER they swore full moon night's were the worst, and as someone who documented the cases for the night, yeah, it was true. But, the logical part of my mind says--hey, the moon's there every night, it's just how much you're seeing that changes. It's not like anything about its power, draw on the earth, or energy is different. What is different is what ancient man knew--that when there's enough light at night, people get into mischief. They didn't have streetlights back in the olden days, but a full moon night was a great time to perform a robbery or murder. It might not affect us as much nowadays with city lighting, but you go into the rural areas and even the surburbs and it calls us outside...

aeolus kephas said...

hi Ben

did you know Mrs. Kephas designed your signature mandala?

small Universe, heh?

Was trying to check out the other blog, but seems I need an invite to do so?

Ben Fairhall said...

That is a most extraordinary coincidence, AK.

I love the symbol; I've used it as my 'signature mandala' for a couple of years now, and felt it exert (and reflect) a degree of change in my personality.

I will e-mail you an invitation to the other blog.

AF- thank you for your comment. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, I am true believer in the full moon effect.

Therese said...

One thing I heard, about the influence of the full moon, was from a woman who worked in an institution for children with severe intellectual disabilities. She said that they became noticably more agigated during the time of the full moon.

I found this interesting, because it seems to go beyond the natural explanation of there being more activity - and therefore more accidents - during moonlight nights. These children were, necessarily, in very restricted circumstances.

aeolus kephas said...

a change to the better, i take it?

: )

i have always had a somewhat negative relationship with the moon, and feel its fullness often in the body, negatively (poor digestion, etc).

But now I am tuning to the Lunatic within, this may be transforming?

Do you recall Whitley Strieber's vision of the exploding Moon? I also had such a dream. It may be merely symbolic, or may also be a literal event that will signify/precipitate the explosion of the personal self by archetypal forces (ie, Apocalypse)...

tony said...

Yes, Ive work with people in various situation over the years (hospitals;schools;day centers;etc) its True!

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Ben, plants certainly respond to the calling of the moon.

Steiner, for example, documented this.


Anadæ Effro said...

The Elven Full Moon of Water, Isilnenime, was just this past week. Here on Apple Mountain, Virginia, I kid you not, it appeared distinctly greenish in colour. Aspected in the sign of Leo, the Lion, it held a potent fulcrum for positive change in the world. I sure felt it. You?

Goin' to the Parthenon,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}