Thursday, 26 February 2009

Rebuilding the Temple...

'Brick by brick, tiny figure by tiny figure, Alec Garrard has painstakingly worked for 30 years on an astonishing recreation of Herod's Temple.

But despite spending all that time and effort the retired farmer believes he won't finish it in his lifetime as he keeps finding things to add to it.

In contrast, legend has it that the original construction of the entire complex lasted only three years, although historians believe it took far longer.

It was his fascination for religion and buildings which first started Alec on the Biblical project which now measures 20ft by 12ft and is housed in a seperate building in his garden.

His version is so impressive that some of the world's top archaeologists and experts from the British Museum have come to view it.'



Anadæ Effro said...

Herculean task that that Alec Garrard hath wrought. Funnily enough, I was King Herod in a Sunday School play when I was enrolled in Christ Church, just a stone's throw from this neighbourhood in Westchester County. You'll be quick to notice how strikingly similar its architecture is to your own Albion stomping grounds.

My then teacher, Anne Gill, wife of author & frequent contributor to THE NEW YORKER, Brendan Gill, oft times had us church schoolers over for luncheons. Their stately home, locally known as The Owl House, due to the cast concrete, glass-eyed owl statue high atop its apex, was originally christened Oakridge in its nascent, precompletion state.

Great find, Ben. It's good to see you up & running again.

Going out to garden,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Jimmy Bastard said...

It must take a considerable amount of dedication and patience to spend so much time on this labour of love.

Good for him!

Michael said...

Nice double helix on the sweater of the temple on the right.

Cheers, Michael

Michael said...

And oddly enough I was King Nebuchadnezzar in a church play at Rose Hill Presbyterian. We love takin' down those temples... ;-)