Thursday, 5 February 2009

Why you should kill your TV...


Anadæ Effro said...

Yes, magnificent, "Hidden in plain sight" war tactic, and endorsed by a bought-&-paid-for player in Whoreywood no less. Good catch, Ben. Interesting that "our" lead protagonist there is one of the main characters in television's current sit-com, "30 Rock", the HQ Art Deco temple overlooking that ice skating rink with the gold statue of the torch-bearing Prometheus.

Wasn't/Isn't Mr Baldwin an alcoholic, wife-beating, philanderer, too? Did he say, "Brain gelatinising" ??? Ever see the Stephen King novel-to-screen, "Dreamcatcher" alien takeover scare fest?

The invaders take up residence in one's alimentary canal with explosive results. Not for the squeamish ( :-)}

Alt He best, awe ways,
Anadæ Effro

Thuth said...

My favorite part to this is something that a gentleman named James Ratte pointed out. That this is CtHULhU.

Hence the tentacle.

My new saying is:

We are now synchronized swimming in the future-wake of the return of the elder gods.

The waves are getting bigger.



Anonymous said...

Amusing ourselves to death? (Great book BTW)

Plenty of critics from a public health angle have pointed out the evils of TV, and govts response to that it to subsidise a shift to digital so that we can have MORE TV.

Killing TV is probably the only thing needed for a total revolution in planetary consciousness & community revival … It's that easy & that hard


Ben Fairhall said...

Great point. And free digital TVs for the electorate in America, is that right?

I killed my TV years ago.

It makes me laugh that idiots like Jake Kotze propagate a message of spiritual renewal through the mesh of popular culture. Jesus, where would that joker be without his TV and movies fix? So funny that he likes to pretend he's all about dropping attachment... When his addiction to film, television and the internet is painful to behold.

Anonymous said...

>> And free digital TVs for the electorate in America, is that right?<<

A billion for set top boxes for the needy (not enough). Some people might have to go without TV !!!!!

Obama was trying to delay it when the article was published. It’s fascinating really & represents an unprecedented opportunity to witness the effects of coming off TV! (It's the equivalent of leaving the Matrix.)


Anonymous said...

Correction - it is an entitlement of every American!

"Further aggravating the confusion and uncertainty has been that a coupon program established by Congress to defray the cost of converter boxes — each American household is entitled to two $40 vouchers, which cover most, if not all, of the cost of the adaptors — ran out of money in early January, leaving hundreds of thousands of applicants to languish on a waiting list. (The program has already issued more than $1 billion worth of coupons.)"

Michael said...

Great comments on this one. In a related effort, there's an initiative to create a super affordable computer for the third world, which is telling. Forget feeding or clothing the poor, just get them hooked up to the Matrix!