Tuesday, 31 March 2009

'Brown calls for new world order at St Pauls...'

Gordon Brown today made an overtly religious call for a new world order based on the 'deep moral sense' shared by all faiths.

Making the first speech by a serving Prime Minister at St Paul's Cathedral in London, Mr Brown quoted from scripture as he said people could come together to forge a new 'global society'.

The world economy and society should be rebuilt around a Zulu word for hope - themba - which also stands for 'there must be an alternative', the Prime Minister suggested.'

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1166182/Brown-DOES-God-calls-new-world-order-sermon-St-Pauls.html

Sunday, 29 March 2009

'Victorian ghost spotted on Google Street View...'

'A ghostly figure dressed in Victorian clothes was filmed on Google Street View - before vanishing into thin air.

Experts have been called in to examine the Google ghoul filmed at a former Victorian docklands which has a dark and sinister past.

The woman dressed in long skirt, crisp blouse, bow tie, blue boater hat and scarf appears to be shimmering above the pavement.

She was captured by the Google Street View cameras in Tiger Bay, Cardiff - the scene of murders and unsolved mysteries going back 200 years.

The water sculpture seen in the picture is used as the gateway to enter the fictional world of Dr Who spin-off Torchwood.'

More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/scienceandtechnology/technology/google/5051309/Victorian-ghost-picked-up-by-Google-Street-View.html

Friday, 27 March 2009

Murder in Lourdes

'TOULOUSE, France (AFP) — A woman who thought she was the devil killed her elderly mother with a crucifix and other objects in the French Catholic pilgrimage town Lourdes, officials and press reports said Wednesday.

The 34-year-old beat her 81-year-old mother with "objects that were within her reach, a bedside lamp, slats from her bed," the local prosecutor told AFP, adding that she had now been interned in a psychiatric hospital.

The Depeche du Midi newspaper said she had grabbed one of the many crucifixes adorning their apartment in the southwestern town and used it along with other objects to beat her mother to death overnight Monday.

The paper said she had told police: "I had visions in a dream. I saw that I was the devil, that I was evil."

After the murder, the woman called the emergency medical services and was found by them covered in blood and lying at the foot of the bed in which her dead mother lay, officials said.

Lourdes, where Catholics believe the Virgin Mary appeared to a French peasant girl in 1858, received a record nine million pilgrims last year due in large part to Pope Benedict XVI's visit in September.

With thanks to Therese for this story...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

'Genius of medieval church builders rediscovered in Suffolk...'

'It is an unforgettable moment. As the sun traverses the sky its light is suddenly focused into an intense beam which illuminates a carving of Christ on the Cross.

This is not a scene from an Indiana Jones film, however, but a stirring piece of visual synchronicity that dates from medieval times.

At the spring and autumn equinox, the setting sun hits a window at Holy Trinity Church in Barsham, Suffolk, and illuminates the 5ft carving for four spellbinding minutes.

The spectacle dates back to the 1300s, when the narrow window was built in the church tower, but it was lost for centuries.

It was only rediscovered recently by the village church's assistant curate, the Reverend John Buchanan, who spotted it by chance.

On Friday, the church was packed with visitors to witness the phenomenon on this year's spring equinox.'

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1163929/Revelation-Genius-medieval-church-builders-rediscovered-crucifix-illuminated-twice-year.html

'Teenage girl films UFO above Shropshire...'

'Stunned schoolgirl Harriet Rogers reckons she had a close encounter with a UFO after filming this pulsing ball of blue light close to an RAF base.

The 13-year-old captured the odd spherical shape on camera as it moved across the night sky and bizarrely started to change colour.

She then jumped in the car with her dad Barry and tailed the glowing ball as it hovered high above her house, about eight miles from RAF Cosford in Shropshire.

The pair watched transfixed as the light pulsed like a heartbeat, became brighter and then disappeared over the horizon 20 minutes later.

... The teenager managed to film seven minutes worth of footage of the suspected UFO on February 21, the third time she has encountered strange lights in the sky.

... In the past two months, there have been up to 30 sightings of mysterious spheres of light logged by local UFO experts, with at least eight recorded in the past fortnight.

Harriet's mum Deborah Rogers said that since spotting the ball, the teenager has become a stargazer who is fascinated with astronomy.'

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1163551/UFO-caught-camera-Shropshire-teenage-girl-films-mysterious-light-show.html

'Were UFO sightings the US Air Force testing secret stealth bomber?'

'A flurry of UFO sightings was troubling the spooks at the Ministry of Defence.
Hundreds had been reported, by everyone from RAF pilots over Scotland to a woman walking her dog in Norfolk.

But it wasn't the threat of an alien invasion that tormented defence officials during this period of overhead hyperactivity at the end of the 1980s.

Their theory was that our American allies had been building and testing stealth aircraft and spy planes without telling us.

In fact, in many cases they were probably right.

... Details of around 1,200 UFO sightings have come to light after seven files produced by the DI55 branch of the Defence Intelligence Staff from November 1987 to April 1993 were released by the National Archives.

... In one case, photographs taken of a UFO hovering next to an RAF jet over Scotland, were carefully examined after witnesses said they saw a mysterious large diamond-shaped object hanging in the air for about ten minutes before it ascended vertically at high speed.

In 1989 an oilrig worker trained in observing aircraft saw a 'perfect black triangle' escorted by two U.S. fighters.

Other incidents recorded in the files include the report of a woman who said she was approached by an alien with a 'Scandinavian-type accent' as she walked her dog near Norwich in 1989, and a spate of sightings in East London in 1993 explained by the presence of a brightly illuminated airship.

But military officials appear to have paid most attention to the sighting of the diamond-shaped object next to the RAF Harrier on the A9, north of Pitlochry in Scotland, on August 4 1990.

Two members of the public took colour photos and gave them to a newspaper which in turn passed negatives to the MoD.

The ministry responded to questions by saying that 'no definite conclusions' had been reached, but they believed the witnesses may have had a chance sighting of a spy plane called Aurora.'

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1163909/Were-UFO-sightings-US-Air-Force-testing-secret-stealth-bomber.html

'Dog walker met UFO 'alien' with Scandinavian accent?'

'A dog walker claimed she met a man from another planet who said aliens were responsible for crop circles, military UFO files have revealed.

The anonymous woman telephoned RAF Wattisham in Suffolk in a state of distress to describe an encounter she had the previous night. A covering letter in the files notes that it is "one of our more unusual UFO reports".

The woman told the operator at the base that the incident happened as she was walking her dog on a sports field close to her home near Norwich at about 10.30pm on November 20 1989.

She was approached by a man with a "Scandinavian-type accent" who was dressed in a light brown garment like a flying suit.

The report notes: "He asked her if she was aware of stories about large circular flattened areas appearing in fields of wheat, and then went on to explain that he was from another planet similar to Earth, and that the circles had been caused by others like him who had travelled to Earth."

The man said the purpose of their visits was friendly but they were told not to have contact with humans for fear that they would be considered a threat.

The woman said she was "completely terrified" and after about 10 minutes the man left.

As she ran home she heard a "loud buzzing noise" behind her and turned to see a large glowing orange-white spherical object rising vertically from behind trees.

The RAF operator who took the statement from the woman said the conversation lasted about an hour and described it as a "genuine call".'

More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/5031587/Dog-walker-met-UFO-alien-with-Scandinavian-accent.html

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

'700 years later, a proper funeral for the teenage witch...'

The body of a 14th century teenager thought to have been beheaded as a witch and buried on unconsecrated ground has been exhumed and given a proper burial.

The girl, named Holly by archaeologists because her remains were found beneath a holly bush, had had her head laid at her side, a sign that she might have been suspected of witchcraft.

Holly's body was found six years ago in Hoo, Kent, during an excavation by archaeologists prior to work starting on a housing development and was taken away for research.

Dr Paul Wilkinson, director of the Kent Archaeological Field School, said the decapitation - which it was believed would deny eternal life - meant Holly was 'shamed' and was either a teenage witch, a criminal or had committed suicide.

Two plumed horses and a glass carriage carried the remains of the girl to what should now be her final resting place in the churchyard at Hoo St Werburgh Parish Church, in Kent.

A crowd of more than 200 mourners - who had responded to an appeal to give the suspected witch a respectable funeral - gathered to pay their respects to a teenager whose identity remains a mystery.

Despite such little knowledge about the girl being laid to rest, as the little wicker coffin was lifted from the carriage by four bearers, heads were bowed and one mourner placed flowers on the coffin as it was lowered into the ground.'

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1162480/700-years-proper-funeral-teenage-witch-head-chopped-off.html

Monday, 16 March 2009

'Ancient mystery returns to Devon...'

'A 150-year-old mystery has reared its head after a woman woke to find 'Satan's hoofprints' dotted across freshly fallen snow in her back garden.

The single track of cloven-like prints - which appear to have been made by a two-legged creature - precisely resemble footprints recorded in the area in 1855.

The phenomenon, which has never been explained, became known as the 'Devil's foot prints' in a local legend.

... The original 'Devil's footprints' appeared after a light snowfall on February 8th, 1855, and travelled from Exmouth to Topsham in Devon - even crossing the estuary of the River Exe.

The tracks reportedly continued unbroken for 100 miles - appearing on both sides of 14-foot walls and locked gates.

Some villagers blamed the church, who had recently changed the standard prayer book, for letting the devil into their communities.

Others blamed animals, pranksters, and even a weather balloon - but the phenomenon, described as the 'great Devon mystery', was never explained.'

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1161765/Ancient-mystery-returns-Satans-hoofprints-spotted-Devon-garden.html

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

'Mysterious field circle near Conisholme...'

'COULD these images of a mysterious circular impression in a field be proof aliens have visited the Louth area?

Brinkhill's UFO spotter Eric Goring, 68, visited the Louth Leader office again this week to show us these photographs he took on his camera.

He said: "I came across this little crop circle which I have never seen before on that hill and I know it very well.

"There are no burn marks on the grass but I think it was an impression made when one of these lights came down or one of the spaceships blasted out some energy from underneath it."

Mr Goring first visited the Leader last October, to recount his strange sightings of triangular aircraft and lights near his home. Since then he claims to have seen hundreds, up to 20 in one night, leading to his claims to have seen more 'spaceships' than anyone else in the world.

Mr Goring has become such an avid spotter, he has purchased a night vision scope to see the aircraft in more detail and a traditional stills camera in the hope of obtaining photographic evidence.

Convinced he is seeing alien craft, he ventures out into the village in the early hours of the morning, hoping to capture one on camera.

Referring to a story he heard recently on NASA sending a probe into space to discover evidence of extraterrestrial life, Mr Goring said: "They don't need to spend all those millions, they just need to sent six men out to Brinkhill and I will show them alien life."'

More: http://www.louthleader.co.uk/news/UFO-UPDATE-Mysterious-field-circle.5056639.jp

'CONSPIRACY theorists are suggesting the increase in worldwide UFO activity, including Louth, are the result of extra-terrestrial concern over the Large Hadron Collider experiment.

Online communities have been discussing the connection between the CERN experiment in Geneva, with some wondering if aliens were behind the recent malfunctioning of the machine after reports its magnets failed to work.

Since August, the Leader has been reporting on eye-witness accounts of orange lights UFOs in the Louth area, and comments from the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA)

... Last month (July 2008), 62 year-old Irishman Ron Ambiguous was removed from the CERN site after claiming aliens abducted him to warn the LHC must not be switched on.'

More: http://www.louthleader.co.uk/news/Conspiracy-theorists-on-UFOs-and.4553973.jp

'Science discovers the God Spot...'

'Scientists searching for a 'God spot' in the brain have found three areas that control religious belief.

A study of 40 participants, including Christians, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists, showed the same areas lit up when they were asked to ponder religious and moral problems.

MRI scans revealed the regions that were activated are those used every day to interpret the feelings and intentions of other people.

'That suggests that religion is not a special case of a belief system, but evolved along with other belief and social cognitive abilities,' said Jordan Grafman, a cognitive neuroscientist at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in Bethesda, Maryland.

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1160904/Scientists-discover-brains-God-spot--faith-helps-human-survival.html

Monday, 9 March 2009

'Prehistoric axe and skeletons found at 2012 site...'

'A 4,000-year-old flint axe, four prehistoric skeletons and a 19th century boat have been unearthed at the Olympic Park.

Preparations for the London 2012 Olympics have seen over 140 trenches dug on the 1.5 sq-mile site in Stratford, east London, turning it into Britain's largest archaeological dig, according to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).

Archaeologists have unearthed finds from throughout Britain's history. The four skeletons were buried in graves around an area of Iron Age settlement, and remains from a Bronze Age hut have also been unearthed.

A Roman coin from AD 330-335 was discovered, alongside four Second World War gun emplacements and helmets. They formed part of London’s Inner Artillery Zone.

The most complete find was a 19th century boat used for hunting wild fowl on the lower River Lea. It may previously been used as a water taxi.'

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1159700/Prehistoric-axe-skeletons-Olympic-site-UKs-largest-archaeological-dig.html