Wednesday, 11 March 2009

'Mysterious field circle near Conisholme...'

'COULD these images of a mysterious circular impression in a field be proof aliens have visited the Louth area?

Brinkhill's UFO spotter Eric Goring, 68, visited the Louth Leader office again this week to show us these photographs he took on his camera.

He said: "I came across this little crop circle which I have never seen before on that hill and I know it very well.

"There are no burn marks on the grass but I think it was an impression made when one of these lights came down or one of the spaceships blasted out some energy from underneath it."

Mr Goring first visited the Leader last October, to recount his strange sightings of triangular aircraft and lights near his home. Since then he claims to have seen hundreds, up to 20 in one night, leading to his claims to have seen more 'spaceships' than anyone else in the world.

Mr Goring has become such an avid spotter, he has purchased a night vision scope to see the aircraft in more detail and a traditional stills camera in the hope of obtaining photographic evidence.

Convinced he is seeing alien craft, he ventures out into the village in the early hours of the morning, hoping to capture one on camera.

Referring to a story he heard recently on NASA sending a probe into space to discover evidence of extraterrestrial life, Mr Goring said: "They don't need to spend all those millions, they just need to sent six men out to Brinkhill and I will show them alien life."'


'CONSPIRACY theorists are suggesting the increase in worldwide UFO activity, including Louth, are the result of extra-terrestrial concern over the Large Hadron Collider experiment.

Online communities have been discussing the connection between the CERN experiment in Geneva, with some wondering if aliens were behind the recent malfunctioning of the machine after reports its magnets failed to work.

Since August, the Leader has been reporting on eye-witness accounts of orange lights UFOs in the Louth area, and comments from the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA)

... Last month (July 2008), 62 year-old Irishman Ron Ambiguous was removed from the CERN site after claiming aliens abducted him to warn the LHC must not be switched on.'



Anadæ Effro said...

Well, Ben, IMHO this is what's happening, two worlds are colliding. A faery circle, if you will. The impression of a stargate, left behind. Another Good Neighbour in the blogosphere, Vaheh Pitchikian, an Armenian Christian BTW, has a few things to say about spheric timelines here. Thanks for bringing this ongoing Überstrangeness in Conisholme, Lincolnshire up again, Ben. They're never going to resolve it, not unless they look in the direction that the minister of 17th century Presbytery, Rev Robert Kirk, went . . .

Not walking in circles anymore,
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

Autumnforest said...

As a paranormal investigator, I'd love to see him take an EMF meter and perhaps a Geiger counter out there and see what's up. I've always held that such things as UFOs and Crop Circles are visitors from our future coming back to try and not interrupt, but view where we went wrong. As we make more mistakes, they will surely show up more frequently in the time line to see what sped us to some awful no-turning-back point. It might also explain things like abductions and cattle mutilations, as they would be interested in our DNA at this time (before our heads get big and our bodies get small...) It might also explain why they don't try to communicate--might disrupt our destiny. Of course, I like the idea of other dimensions too. Also, the concept that we evolved below sea as well and they are where UFOs are launched. I think that the least likely is that they came from millions of lightyears away, but who knows--maybe wormholes are possible to be manipulated by some superior race... It's fun to contemplate the possibilities, but if I saw a crop circle, I think I'd be all over that like a forensic nazi