Saturday, 16 May 2009

'Cathedral bells to play secularist anthem...'

'The bells of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral will ring out to the sounds of John Lennon's anti-religious anthem Imagine later.

A team of seven volunteer bell ringers will play the 1971 song, which begins 'Imagine there's no Heaven', as part of an arts festival.

The cathedral said it had carefully considered the sensitivities surrounding the song's lyrical content.

Lennon himself described the song as "anti-religious, anti-conventional".

The former Beatle, who was born in Liverpool and murdered in New York in 1980, said it was also 'anti-capitalistic'.

A spokesman for the Anglican Cathedral said: "The cathedral feels this performance has inspired many to think about their relationship with God in their lives."

Leading the recital is cathedral ringer Sam Austin, 23, a student at Manchester's Royal Northern College of Music.

... The bells are the highest and heaviest ringing peal bells in the world.

Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono said the idea was "so beautiful, it made me choke up".

The 13 bells are arranged around 'Great George', a central ringing bell which weighs more than 14 tonnes and can be heard for miles around.

The recital will take place at 1200 with repeats at 1230 and 1300 BST.'


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Anonymous said...

but not a word was spoken/
the church bells all were broken

as for the anglicans, they lent unbishop Desmond Tutu to the Global Elders, that tells us who they worship, like we didn't already know

howzit, ben? wishing you well


Therese said...

A very clear example of Liverpool chiming into the world of imagination, by means of its most famous, sacrificed son.

Anadæ Effro said...

I just flew back from Éire over the weekend, Ben … I'm certain that Newgrange is one of the last extant OBVIOUS Stargates easily accessible to anyone who dares to seek it out. Too bad we couldn't've had a coffee klatsch about it in Albion. Oh well. Some other thyme then.

Hey, onto the topic at hand, having "Imagine", a song full of ennui, angst, and neurasthenia, play over the bells of Liverpool's Episcopalian (as us United Statesians call Anglican) Cathedral doesn't necessarily denote the Apostatsy of the Church. It's just an everyman's lamentation.

However, the Benedictine friar Brother Michael Dimond's slant on the Ufo phenomenon, 'UFOs: Demonic Activity & Elaborate Hoaxes Meant to Deceive Mankind' has just been brought to my attention this AM right over here. I'll be matching it against RJ Stewart's translation of Rev Robert Kirk's 'The Secret Commonwealth' and shed light on my findings to you.

Glad to be back on Terra Firma,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

Anadæ Effro said...

And then here's the Catholic Dr Robert Sungenis' kind admonishment over Br Michael Dimond's ministry's soapboxing from not quite 3 years ago. Late to the show again am I …