Monday, 8 June 2009

'Eerie pop music video starring Meredith Kercher...'

A music video starring murdered British student Meredith Kercher has been released by her family.

Shot just weeks before she was sexually assaulted and brutally killed, the 21-year-old stars in the video for singer Kristian Leontiou's song, Some Say.

Yesterday, the Kercher family lawyer, Francesco Maresca revealed what few details he knew of the video but not why it had only just come to light.

He said: 'It was made by a group of Meredith's friends sometime during 2007 - I think she knows the lead singer.

'The people on the video are friends of hers who were at Leeds University and it is unreal to see her in the video and to know that a few months later she was murdered.

'It was a very emotional experience for them to come and give evidence but they coped very well.

'They just wanted the court to know what a special and much loved person Meredith was not just to her family but all her friends as well.'

In the opening sequence, Meredith is seen walking down a flight of stairs and makes several other appearances including a haunting scene where she walks through a set of doors and looks straight at the camera.'


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Therese said...


Some of the lyrics to the song:

No more trouble in my soul
No more time to make me whole
So today I try to tell you
I'll be on my way

Show me where the answers lives
Show me where the truth forgives
In my head I've tried to reason
I'll be on my way

Some say, the road is clear
Some say, confront your fears
Some say, but can you feel the love that do?

One day we will be free, under the summer sun
And you will see