Friday, 19 June 2009

A stunning new Avebury crop circle...

deserves your attention. (Reflecting the original design of that 'serpent temple', as recorded by Stukeley.) Here's the link:


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Anonymous said...

that site's "Field Report" (ha ha) page

. . . suggests this formation appeared June 17

same day, i posted following comment to Newspaceman's blog


yeah AF the Lead Mines of Caddo popped up again in a post i'm working on -- seems polliwogs fell out of the sky over japan recently...

classic american folk song:

Fare thee well my fairy fey
cause i've gone to Louisiana
just to see my Susieanna
singin' Polly Wolly Doodle all the day

in these days of New Egypt, cows of course suggest Hathor

Susie-Anna (Susie-queen) reminds me of Fairhall's recent post on Virgin-Goddess Susan Boyle (boil being a surfaced plague, ie on the skin)


so same day, i started writing a "pollywog" post, not having seen yr avebury post obviously

hm, guess that's welcome back ;O)