Wednesday, 22 July 2009

'Feel the power of the dark side...'

A BTB article from February used the Dendermonde nursery killings to illustrate a wider point: the meta-narrative of the triumph of the moon in the Age of Horus-Maat. (The Maritime Signals.) The article ended by concluding that:
'The Dendermonde attack, then, is Diana/Delilah's return; arising from the depths of the unconscious to force the submission of the sun to the moon. (The total eclipse of the masculine by the feminine. Pertinently, a note found on [Kim] de Gelder's person indicated that he may have intended to attack a second creche, the Sunshine Nursery, a mile and a half from Fabeltjesland.)

The submission of the sun: the purpose not just of this, but of every occult conspiracy, those psychic operations directed by and from the paranormal field.'
As Anadae pointed out a couple of days ago, today is the Feast of St Mary Magdalene; one of the most significant of lunar archetypes, and a figurehead of the Black Virgin/Babalon 'current'. Appropriately, the day dedicated to the Hidden Church that may soon eclipse the Church Militant, also saw the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting as much as 6 minutes and 39 seconds in some places. According to Wikipedia:
This was the second in the series of three eclipses in a one-month period, being book-ended by two minor penumbral lunar eclipses, the first was on July 7 and second will be on August 6.

It was visible from a narrow corridor through northern Maldives, northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, northern Philippines, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the Pacific Ocean, including the Ryukyu Islands, Marshall Islands and Kiribati.
Interestingly, the best country from which to view the event- according to some experts- was India: the country whose lunar signals were comprehensively decoded by several synchro-bloggers through November-December of last year.

Todd Campbell has recently posted a new moon-related article- see here.

Rather wonderfully, in light of the Big Brother reflections which provoked Anadae's timely comment, a Telegraph piece about the eclipse from January begins: 'Addiction can be a brutal mistress.' (Encapsulating Akin's starry humiliation; the Seven Veils seduction of the Magdalene in the life of the individual; and the meta-narrative seen all over.) The title of the article is also appropriate: 'China's solar eclipse: Feel the power of the dark side.' (See here.)

As Ean Begg writes, in one of the most profound meditations on the Divine Feminine:
'The feminine principle is not a theory but real and it has a will of its own which we ignore at our peril. It is an independent principle and cannot be forced against its will to go anywhere or do anything without bringing retribution on the perpetrator. She brings forth, nourishes, protects, heals, receives at death and immortalizes her children who follow the way of nature... If she brings forth from her treasury things both old and new, we need to be wise to what possibilities are now on offer, before it is too late... Men need for the good of their souls to relate consciously to the power of the feminine or they become overwhelmed and possessed by it through their own unconsciousness.'


Anonymous said...

The submission of the sun: the purpose not just of this, but of every occult conspiracy, those psychic operations directed by and from the paranormal field


well-encapsulated and can't be emphasized enough in the present hour

Dendermonde, the Red Line Recks, Altamont, Manson, Zodiac, Crowley, Parsons & Old Mother Hubbard etc etc-- all have the same intent, the cutting off of (spiritual) light from this world, the overturning of celestial order


the subjugation of maleness to femaleness, already largely accomplished

most everybody in the west fears to confront the gorgon -- due to the feminine instruments of vengeance, which are not mythological

it's true that Bossy Bessy cant be forced w/o retribution, but that doesnt mean she cant be forced

Begg's a fascinating writer but who's his daddy?

you havent lost your touch ben

cheerio, ray

Dennis Igou said...

The quote of Begg's is spot on. Why bite the hand that feeds you? Shine forth brave souls. De3nnis

Anonymous said...

The quote of Begg's is spot on. Why bite the hand that feeds you?


the cornucopic hand of the Great Goddess? her hands do many things, not all of them pretty

"I am the bread of life"

where's The Goddess fit in there? (except to take)

maybe it's you that bites the loving hand, dennis