Monday, 6 July 2009

'Is this the ghost of MJ?'

It had to happen eventually...


Andre Heath said...

Yes, indeed.

I was waiting for that one to happen eventually.

Well, check this story out as well: UFO seen over Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. and Ghost of Michael Jackson cures fan of fatal illness? Video.

Amazing stuff, huh?

Ben Fairhall said...

Very good links, sir... I may well update this entry at some point.

The mythologising process is in full swing; a contemporary equivalent to the canonisation committees in the Catholic church.

I expect Neverland to become a latter-day Graceland; and very possibly, that we may see a posthumous 'tour' of some kind, featuring MJ as a hologram. (I actually had a dream about this a few nights ago.)

All more money for Joe: the man MJ expressly attempted to write out of his will.


Andre Heath said...

Ben Fairhall said...

"...we may see a posthumous 'tour' of some kind, featuring MJ as a hologram. (I actually had a dream about this a few nights ago.)"


You know, I have been wondering about his memorial tomorrow, and thinking that something extraordinary might happen. Given that Tuesday is the day of all days in America and what has been happening recently with the Sun's Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), airplane crashes and crop circles.

In this crazily concocted and convoluted world like this, anything is possible.

Andre Heath said...

The Battlestar Galactica, Michael Jackson 4th of July.

Therese said...

All more money for Joe: the man MJ expressly attempted to write out of his will.

In that sense, MJ lived out the classical and biblical archetype of the sensitive, sacrificed son, with the angry demanding father who will have his due.

Ben Fairhall said...

Your point about CMEs, Andre, is a good one. Yes, we have seen many references to instensified solar activity during this period from many of this year's formations. (An exceptionally busy season for the circlemakers already.)

As you say, the two downed airplanes may have been effected by this activity, and the magnetic disturbances.

Today- July 7- is indeed 'the day of days' for CMEs... Or so my limited understanding leads me to believe. It is also, of course, a favourite of the Illuminati (or 'Order of Melchizedek'); as the long string of 'global events' (including 7/7) we have seen on this date in recent years demonstrates.

There was further astronomical activity on this date last year, as I recall from Goro Adachi... I will look over my notes and update you.

Great comments, thank you!


Ben Fairhall said...

July 7, 2007 coincided with the earth's solar aphelion: its farthest point from the sun of the annual cycle.

The following is drawn from a longer article I wrote at BTB.

'Why 7/7? Recent events have proven its importance to the Order beyond all reasonable doubt; exemplified by the chain of events which began on July 2, 2005, with the concerts- synchronised with the meeting of the G8 at Gleneagles- that came to be known as Live 8.

St. Bob Geldof was unequivocal. 'This is not Live Aid 2. These concerts are the starting point for the Long Walk to Justice.' In fact, they were merely the latest stages of the long road to Roswell: the small town in New Mexico where, on July 7, 1947, their age-old quest was finally crowned with success. (The date that William Brazel is alleged to have reported the discovery of a downed 'flying saucer' on the Foster homestead in Maricopa, Arizona. The same day, Major Jesse Marcel and other representatives of AFB Roswell, New Mexico, attended the site to collect samples.)

A giant leap was taken a few days later when, on July 6, the International Olympic Committee announced that London had won the right to stage the 2012 games; and another the very next day, when, with the assistance of their Israeli office, the Order detonated a series of explosions on the London Underground.

When, on the same day two years later, Al Gore launched Live Earth Tokyo from the Makuhari Messe, the synergy of these forces was revealed for all to see. No longer merely the acceptable face of American liberalism, the former VP's appearance was framed as an encounter with the wisdom of the Elohim themselves, beamed from the furthest reaches of the cosmos. This was a full-scale contact event; with Gore the alien ambassador, bringing down the law from the fiery mountain.

'The earth glows like a blue star,' pronounced Luni, Gore's virtual-reality warm-up act: a seventeen-year old girl 'born in outer space on September 11, 2037.' When, finally, Gore himself beamed in, it was amidst an atmosphere of hushed occultism. 'Now is the time to begin to heal the planet,' said the Presence: words carefully chosen to communicate the imminent birth of a New Planetary Order and Age

We can expect more- much more- in 2012. July 7 is, after all, the Feast of St Willibald, reputed to have been the first Englishman to enter the Holy Land. Now the Holy Land is coming to England, and from there to the four corners of the globe.'

Newspaceman said...

Ben, the "holy land" is Scotland.

Wills will be crowned here, on the Stone of Destiny - fake or otherwise


Anadæ Effro said...

Newspaceman ~ the pre-Velikovskian catastrophist & British Israelite, William Comyns Beaumont, had the exact same sentiment over Alba as you do, placing the original Jerusalem of the Good Book in Edinburgh … heard of him before?

All the best of the faery best wishes to you,

Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Anadae, I have heard of him, I think via Tsarion and also a chap called Andrew Hennessey:

I have note read any of his books, unfortunately.

I am not sure that I personally place Edinburgh as Jerusalem, but I note constant significance of Scotland to the monarchy and with the Stone of Destiny being up here - or maybe a replica - it seems probable that William will be throned here first.

Having said that, if I go alonmg the lines that occult rituals are based on the fact that if something has worked before, it will work again - then maybe there is a far deeper historical aspect - other than the fairly recent "Templar/freemasonic" building of this world that we inhabit.

Anyway, thanks very much for the info, appreciated.


Ben Fairhall said...

I am also aware of Beaumont's work, Anadae; though haven't read him either.

I exchanged comments with a reader of this site over two years ago on the same subject: Scotland as Zion.

I will go back through the archives and see if I can trace the exchange.