Wednesday, 15 July 2009

'Masked farm worker fired shotgun at crop circle tourists...'

'An angry farm worker has been arrested after allegedly blasting a shotgun over the heads of crop circle spotters.

Dressed in full combat gear, the masked farm employee hid in a camouflaged tent in the centre of the crop circle before bursting out and firing the gun over the heads of a group of terrified Norwegian tourists, it is alleged.

He is believed to have become enraged after the 300ft crop circle, which caused damage estimated at thousands of pounds, appeared overnight in fields near Cannings Cross Farm in Devizes, Wiltshire.

As he fired shots into the air the Scandanavians, who had visited the farm especially to see the complex crop circle, scattered in a panic.'

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"C" said...

LOL, what the fuck. That's funny shit.I'll bet he thought it was some fakers and was waiting for them to come back but if was a ship he ault to be glad it didn't add some shit to that circle.

lon3r1der said...

indeed, wonder how they make these circles, and why they keep destroying these farmer crops :P
for the sake of a higher idea? or what's the real purpose ?