Friday, 10 July 2009

'The Moons: Gods, myths and legends...'

'We see the moon as a Goddess, a great mother a benign presence floating in the sky. But, moon goddesses have not always been nice to know, and sometimes the lunar deity was male. 5000 years ago in Ur in Mesopotamia they worshiped the moon god Sin. The very name of Allah, may stem from the moon god Hubal. In Germany, the sun is feminine and the moon male - Frau Sonne and Herr Mond. Many Sanskrit names for the moon are male, including Kandra, Soma, and Vidhu. Here are eight moon gods and goddesses, they are all fierce and they are all proud...'


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Anadæ Effro said...

Fantasy authoress, Elizabeth Hand, had her 1995 novel "Waking The Moon" concerned with the wrathful return of a goddess representing La Luna & the near decimation of modern civilisation. An encapsulation:

"Beginning her first year at the University of the Archangels, Katherine Sweeney Cassidy accidentally discovers the existence of the Benandanti, a clandestine order that has been secretly manipulating the world's governments and institutions."

Do NOT fuck with what you don't Gno … I had once petitioned for the ancient trifold power of the feminine, Hekate, to assist me, not real-eyesing that She was customarily propitiated by the offering of a black bitch. Not complying with this ancient sacrificial custom, She sent two raptors, a red-tailed hawk & a gray-shouldered one, to lead my McNab, K'Ehlyer, to the Otherworld that She commands Her pack of hounds from. Live & learn, deal & die.

A son of the Man in the Moon,
Anadæ Effro (•:-0}