Wednesday, 8 July 2009

'A society without men?'

'Despite all the twists and turns taken in the new world of reproductive medicine, the news that a scientific team is trying to make the male human redundant is still profoundly shocking.

For the first time, the possibility of 'parthenogenesis' - or 'virgin reproduction' - has come within scientific reach.

Put at its crudest, we now face the possibility of a world where women do not need men to make babies - with all of the immense moral, ethical and philosophical questions that raises.

... Combined with the inevitable advances in (related) cloning techniques which are sure to emerge from shady and unregulated labs, a bizarre future beckons, a future in which the wealthy and unscrupulous will be able to create offspring using any number of artificial means.'


'Scientists in Newcastle claim to have created human sperm in the laboratory in what they say is a world first.

The researchers believe the work could eventually help men with fertility problems to conceive.

... The sperm cannot be used for fertility treatment as this is prohibited under UK law. The scientists in Newcastle say it will be at least five years before the technique is perfected - when they believe it should be available to help infertile men.

This research also raises ethical issues. Josephine Quintavalle from Comment on Reproductive Ethics (Corethics) said: "This is an example of immoral madness. Perfectly viable human embryos have been destroyed in order to create sperm over which there will be huge questions of their healthiness and viability.

"It's taking one life in order to perhaps create another. I'm very much in favour of curing infertility but I don't think you can do whatever you like."'



Semele said...

The Y chromosome is certainly not nature's most robust piece of work, but we women will still need someone to put up our shelves, get our barbecues going, and open those awkward jars of marmalade.

And the natural way of reproducing is much more fun, surely?

aferrismoon said...

U really think divorce lawyers would ever let that happen?

nevertheless a type of ant [ South America maybe] has a pparently only females

Work Eat Reproduce - fa-bloody-tastic


Melissae said...

i like men. i vote to keep them.

i think making embryos artificially is goofy anyway.

unless it's a cute puppy clone.