Thursday, 25 February 2010

'Futuristic cube for US London Embassy'

'The US embassy is moving from its Mayfair mansion of 50 years to a new £650million futuristic cube in Battersea.

American architect firm Kieran Timberlake was selected to design the carbon-neutral glass-sided structure in Wandsworth, south London.

The new 12-storey building, which will be able to house 1,000 staff, covers 45,000 square metres.

It is set among landscaping including a pond, which acts as a natural security measure, the design team said.

Building work is due to begin in 2013 and be completed in 2017.'


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Earth + a very long time = plane-t ?

A plane flying, and plane perspective on reality; combined.

End goals mimicked by current warlord world. Future, perhaps the plane will be full of objects for controlling the course or motion... through space.

It floats, so may be it has direction?