Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ghostly prefigurations

'Coincidences nearly always turn out to be less impressive than they sound. As a twentysomething working in the West End, nothing seemed more predictable than bumping into my aunt in Piccadilly: she quite often went to the Royal Academy; I quite often walked home to Pimlico. On the other hand, ghostly prefigurations – the idea that once something strays unexpectedly into your mind, it will then come back and set up camp with a vengeance – never fail to cause a stir. Earlier in the week, for reasons it would take a psycho-analyst to unravel, I had a dream about Albert Booth, once secretary of state for employment in the Callaghan government. Three days later, I found myself reading his obituary. A rationalist would say this was simple chance. My explanation is sheer triumph of the will. As the American poet Delmore Schwartz once put it: "In dreams begin responsibilities."'


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Anadæ Effro said...

Whao! You're actually up & running, again, Ben. Brilliant. As the article @ The Independent closes, "In dreams begin responsibilities.", in quoting Delmore Schwartz, one of my personal inventions is "From death new life springs." Looking forward to many more blogticles from you. And a most happy & auspicious 4,707 ~ the Chinese New Year, & that of the tiger ~ (•8-D