Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'French architect to design Serpentine's summer pavilion'

'The Serpentine Gallery has had pavilions shaped like shiny amoeba, a storm in a timber factory and a giant spinning top.

The tenth in the gallery's series of temporary summer buildings will be a bright red structure with a built-in outdoor table tennis table by French architect Jean Nouvel.

... Nouvel was the definitive enfant terrible of architecture in the Eighties and Nineties, coming from a world of French critical theory and conceptual art. From early radical experiments, he has developed into one of the half dozen or so global architecture stars.

He keeps the image up, only wearing black (complete with fedora), except for a month in summer, when he holidays dressed entirely in white.

His proposed pavilion just about achieves the spectacle demanded by the programme, but the images are not totally convincing... The ubiquitous redness is described by the gallery as provoking a "play of opposites".

But Nouvel just loves the colour. The shiny red underside of his extention to the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid or his kilometre-long red wall for the Brembo Corporation in northern Italy testify to this love affair."




Atlantean Times said...

very strange building..

i'm a carpenter and i can tell you this all architects are weird..i've known a few over the years and never have i met one who struck me as a normal Joe id like to have a pint with...

most of them know shag all about how to build a thing..have no craft skills and pass all the work on practically every project over to their juniors...

there is a green building material..a type of rock actually called has a few different forms one of which is called Lizardite...

from the wiki

The presence of traces of methane in the atmosphere of Mars has been hypothesized to be possible evidence for life on Mars.

Serpentinization has been proposed as an alternative non-biological source for the observed methane traces.

the reason im posting this is because i read all about it only 2 days ago...i was actually reading it when gordon brown came on sky news and told us all not to forget about putting our clocks forward...
is that part of his job was extremely odd..

what actually happened was i had google earth open with all the points of rennes le chateau indicated with pins..i also had the roseline and prime meridian highlighted and was reading about serpentine rock as apparently its very common in france

Anonymous said...

Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - R Pirsig and Phaedrus.

Abstract Art - distance between the bmw motorcyclist and biker mechanic.

A world apart; on one planet.

It's red; not blue.

"In this, visitors will contribute a recording of their heartbeat..."

The Serpentine Gallery has its own giant heart monitor.

A tall head, and long body? A Red Dragon - Should've put it in Wales.

The deceased Princess of Wales has a memorial walk across Hyde Park and South Ken Park.

"The pavilion will be open from
5 July"

What was happening the day before 2004?

"On 6 July 2004 Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. It is located in the south-west corner of Hyde Park in London."

"...a recording of their heartbeat with the archive scheduled to be housed on an uninhabited Japanese island."

"Princess's shrine, on an island - The Round Oval - in the Althorp Estate's Oval Lake"

Serpentine Lake at Hyde Park.
Princess Di Memorial Fountain is an Oval Water Course.
Shrine on an Oval Lake.

A Red Dragon:
"St George pierced the throat of the serpent

Around Water
"the menace of a dragon which, while hiding by the town spring, devoured everyone who went there for water

"St. George fought the dragon and killed the beast thus saving the city and its people.

"St. George is the patron Saint of England and of the Greek Army

What Greek Goddess does the equation fit?

Who would be King?

Our consciousness in reality, submitted, submissive, subjugated...

Roses are red too.