Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Vatican forgives The Beatles...

At the height of their fame The Beatles enraged the Roman Catholic Church by famously declaring they were bigger than Jesus.

Their enthusiastic pursuit of the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle also did little to convince the Vatican they were anything other than a thoroughly bad influence.

But now in a move sanctioned by Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic Church has offered the Fab Four its official seal of approval, forgiving them their various excesses and even lauding them as a “precious jewel”.

In a front page article the Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, offers a glowing assessment of The Beatles’ achievements 40-years after they split, heralding their “beautiful melodies” and begging the question “what would pop music have been like without the Beatles?”

In an astonishing turnaround the Church dismisses previous moral outrages including blasphemous remarks, drug taking and even the dissemination of Satanic messages through their music.

While recognising that John, Paul, George and Ringo, were no saints during their time in The Beatles, the Vatican assures followers they were by no means the worst behaved rock and rollers of their generation.

Offering the band complete absolution, the article, entitled Seven Years That Shook Music, L’Osservatore Romano said: “Its true they took drugs, lived life to excess because of their success, even said they were bigger than Jesus and put out mysterious messages, that were possibly even Satanic.

“They may not have been the best example for the youth of the day but they were by no means the worst. Their beautiful melodies changed music and continue to give pleasure.”



Semele said...


Nice to see them focusing on the important issues... The Beatles misdemeanours are pretty trivial by comparison really, aren't they?

Atlantean Times said...


this link is totally unrelated to what you have just written about the beatles but is maritime in nature..

have you ever heard about Commander Tommy Woodrooffe and the "the fleets lit up " tv gaffe..or so called gaffe...


apparently while commenting he was transported to fairyland..upon seeing the fleet lit up with fairy lamps...the vid expalins itself and hopefully why i think it may interest you..ttfn

Anonymous said...

If/May be
Real Original Paul died in a car crash and re-lived to be the lead Beatle 'symbol' and sing a lot of 'love' songs.
Doesnt miss a single day with his first wife - a lot of days
She has Vegan burgers - with meat.
Marries, and re-Marries, divorces, house robbed - keeping a 'love' song in the papers & on the tv
Starts to head a Enviro-Green Campaign
Gets the Vatican 'was ok to live in excess'
Attends European Parliament's Green/Carbon Footprint

Where's this going?